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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Network File Backup/Restore

The Kelley School of Business (KSB) maintains a backup system on its File and Printer Server (MS1). This system backs up all network departmental resources. This does not include any backup for a local workstation. The system performs an incremental backup (changed files only) at noon and midnight each day. Every weekend, a full system backup (all files) is performed. The KSB maintains four weeks' worth of backups. After four weeks, the media is recycled for re-use.

If a faculty or staff member needs to recover a deleted file(s), they need to contact Please include in the email the exact location of the file(s) and the exact name(s). For example, G:\Department Files\Jim Anderson\NewTechnology.docx. Unless otherwise directed, Technology Operations & Services will restore the file(s) from the most recent set of backups that include them, to their original location.

If you have deleted a file on your RFS account, "H drive," and wish to have it restored, please read