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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Internet Protocol Policies

The Kelley School of Business (KSB) uses a combination of dynamic and static Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. All faculty and staff desktops and all laptops should have a dynamic (changes with each new connection to the network) IP number assigned to them. Dynamic IP addresses are automatically assigned from the UITS DHCP servers. Machines using DHCP must register their machine address before receiving an active IP address. To register your machine address, open Internet Explorer and browse to You must have a valid IU Network ID to complete the registration. No faculty, staff, or student should assign themselves a static IP without prior approval. If you require a static IP and have not been assigned one, please contact and include the machine location, IU tag number, computer name, MAC address, and a business case reason for requesting a Static IP address.

Anyone found in violation of this policy is subject to a $50 per hour per technician, minimum one hour charge during elimination of this device, in addition to any actions taken by UITS.