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Workstation Re-image Consent Form

Workstation Re-image Consent Form

Before Technology Operations & Services will take possession of your machine for re-imaging, you must read, comply with, and sign this consent form.  This document describes the re-image process, outlines the steps that you should take prior to releasing your machine to us, and defines the steps that will occur once we have possession of your machine.

1.         What the re-image process does to your machine

By re-imaging your machine you are, in essence, converting your old machine into a new one.  All of the components that comprise the previous Operating System, including your customizations, wall paper selection, desktop icons, unique programs, etc. will be deleted and a new OS will be installed.  All of your selected data on the machine (see below) will be copied, stored on our network, and then reinstalled onto the “new” system.  Any data that you have not arranged to be saved will be lost! 

2.        What steps you should take prior to releasing your machine

First, you should be making regular backup copies of your data, regardless of whether you have a re-image scheduled or not!  Local hard drives are usually fairly stable, however even the most stable drive can be subject to failures.  Factors range from manufacturing defects, environmental issues (high heat/humidity etc), age, utilization, etc.  There are several options available for data storage, including external hard drives, USB Flash/Thumb drives, RFS (H: drive) ,CD-R, etc.

Second, you should move/copy all of the data you wish to save into the My Documents folder this folder may also be called simply Documents, depending on the version of your Operating System please check with TOS if you have any questions.  NOTE: please place data ONLY in this folder, executable programs will not transfer properly!   In addition to the data in the My Documents folder, we will attempt to preserve your Internet Explorer and/or Mozilla Firefox Favorites, along with your Outlook PST (personal file folder) and OST files (offline store file) when possible.

Third, you should be available at the scheduled date and time to meet with our technician, so that we can verify that you’re ready for the re-image to begin.   Before we remove your machine, you’ll need to sign this consent form.  In order to eliminate the possibility of having data destroyed unintentionally, we want to meet with you and double check that we’re doing exactly what you intend us to do.  If you’re not available at the scheduled time, we will leave a notice that says something along the lines of,

“We’re sorry that we missed you. Because you weren’t here, we didn’t take your machine.  Please contact us at 5-4247 or email to arrange for another appointment.”

Fourth, if you need specific applications on the hot swap loaner machine that we provide during your re-image process (see below), please make sure to ask for those specifically and include the installation disc(s) if applicable.   Different departments here in the Kelley School require different applications; therefore we ask that you supply us with a list of “must haves” to ensure that you’re able to function while your machine is being serviced. NOTE: TOS reserves the right to refuse to install special software if that installation would require more time than the re-image process itself.

Fifth, if your machine was not originally setup and delivered with a standard Kelley image, then you may have to provide us with a temporary password to gain administrative access to your machine.  This is necessary to copy and reinstall your data.

3.        What Technology Operations & Services will do once we have your machine

First, we will setup a “hot swap” machine in place of your workstation.  This machine will have all of the basic applications installed (MS Office, Symantec Antivirus, Internet Explorer, etc), it will have network capabilities, and it will allow you to continue your work; it may not be identical to your machine, but it should suffice while your machine is unavailable (email would be best accessed via Outlook Web Access [OWA] while you’re using the hot swap machine). 

Second, we’ll take your machine to our office and begin the process of completely erasing all of the software on the machine and then (re)installing the OS.  Once the OS is successfully installed, we’ll reinstall your data and install the following standard applications, using the most current versions available at the time:

  • Windows 7, 64 bit version
  • Symantec  Antivirus
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Misc. apps, such as Quicktime, Java, etc

The following applications/software is available for installation by TOS, but only upon request.  Please circle which of the following, (if any) you would like TOS to install:

  1. FIS*                                                      Please install?               Yes      NO
  2. Blackberry Desktop Manager*               Please install?               Yes      NO

* (can only be installed/configured after workstation has been returned to user)

NOTE:  non standard and unsupported applications (any application not listed above) will not be reinstalled on your workstation – you will need to follow the same procedure that you originally did to have the software installed.

Third, we’ll contact you to inform you that your machine’s re-image process is completed and ready for return to your office.  We’ll schedule a time that is mutually convenient to remove the hot swap, setup your machine and make sure that you can login.  Once your machine is back in place, we’ll re-configure your Outlook profile and set up your departmental network drives and printers.

Fourth, we’ll ask that you again, sign this form, stating that the re-image was complete, the data you moved is intact, and that you are satisfied with the results.

By signing this form, I am acknowledging that I’ve read it, and that I accept the terms and conditions herein.  Please begin the process of upgrading/re-imaged my machine, per the conditions listed above:

 Workstation Release Information:

 Customer Printed Name: _____________________________

Date: ________________________                                                                                           

Customer Signature: ________________________________

Workstation’s KSB Tag Number: _____________________

 TOS Technician picking up machine:______________________________________

Workstation Return Information:

Customer Signature:____________________________________

 Date: ________________________                                                                                           

TOS Technician returning machine: _____________________________

Last Modified: 11/18/2010