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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Networking at Kelley

The Kelley School of Business features both wired and wireless access for faculty, staff, and students.  As most laptops have built-in wired & wireless NICs (Network Interface Card), each card will have to be registered with UITS to be able to access the appropriate network.  In order to register your wired MAC address, you will need an IUB Ethernet Cable – available (for free – 1 free cable per student) at Orientation.

Even though Technology Operations will assist you with these steps during orientation, here are the steps to take to register your wireless MAC address.

To successfully register the MAC address of your wireless NIC:

1.     You have to be on campus and within range of a wireless access point. 

2.     Make sure that you do not establish a VPN connection, because the registration site won't be able to see your MAC address if you do.

3.     Make sure you aren't connected to the network with a data cable.

4.     Open a Web browser

5.     If your browser isn’t automatically taken to, enter  in your address bar & hit Enter

6.     Follow the onscreen instructions

Once your wireless MAC is registered, disable your wireless antenna, plug in your IUB Ethernet cable and repeat the instructions listed above (skip number 3).  After registering both wired & wireless MAC addresses wait 10 minutes & reboot your computer before attempting to access the network.