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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Virus Alerts

Technology Operations strives to deliver excellent support in the use of technology at the Kelley School of Business. As a result of numerous questions and concerns about electronic threats to faculty, staff & student workstations, this web page has been designed to provide the latest information available. If you have received a warning about a computer virus or other such threats (worms, Trojans, etc) you can obtain information simply by clicking on the corresponding link in the box on your right.


Category 5 - Very Severe (red)

Highly dangerous threat type, very difficult to contain. All machines should download the latest virus definitions immediately and execute a scan. Email servers may need to come down. All three threat metrics must be High.

Wild: High
Damage: High
Distribution: High

Category 4 – Severe (orange)

Dangerous threat type, difficult to contain. The latest virus definitions should be downloaded immediately and deployed.

Wild: High Damage
Distribution: High

Category 3 – Moderate (yellow)

Threat type characterized either as highly wild (but reasonably harmless and containable) or potentially dangerous (and uncontainable) if released into the wild.

Wild: High
Damage: High and Distribution: High

Category 2 – Low (green)

Threat type characterized either as low or moderate wild threat (but reasonably harmless and containable) or non-wild threat characterized by an unusual damage or spread routine, or perhaps by some feature of the virus that makes headlines in the news.

Damage: High
Distribution: High
Wild: Low or Moderate

Category 1 - Very Low (blue)

Poses little threat to users. Rarely even makes headlines. No reports in the wild.

Wild: Low Damage
Distribution: Low


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