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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Student Printing at the Kelley School of Business

Printing at IUB is not free – part of your technology fee each semester goes towards the cost of paper, toner, maintenance, etc. of the printers at IUB.  Graduate students are allotted a quota of 1,000 pages per semester.  If a student goes over their quota, they will be billed by the Bursar at the rate of 4 cents per page, billed in 100 sheet increments (i.e. in $4 increments). NOTE – students are allowed to “rollover” up to 300 pages of unused printing allotment form the fall into the spring semester – see below for more info.

Kelley, in conjunction with UITS, has deployed Print Release Stations and duplex units to all of  the printers in Kelley.  These Release Stations are designed to simplify printing by allowing students to select a single printer as their printing target, and obtain that print job from any printer.  By choosing to print to KSOB-prt, a Kelley Graduate student can then access their print job from any of the following printers:







These printers are located in the CG building and their names correspond to the nearest classroom, or the room itself:

Each of these printers house 3,000 sheets of paper when full – if you send a print job to one that is out of paper or experiencing a jam, simply redirect it to another printer.  Technology Operations & Services personnel get automated updates when a printer is experiencing hardware difficulties and we try to attend to them as quickly as possible.

* CG3075prt is located in room CG 3075 – this is a technology lab that is often reserved by other departments or groups within the Kelley School.  Therefore, this printer is not always available for Graduate printing needs.

What if I need more pages in the spring than I did in the fall?

Beginning the Sunday after finals, each fall semester -- through mid-February, students may request a rollover of up to 300 pages of unused allotment. Be sure to apply for your rollover before the deadline!

Similarly, at the end of spring semester -- through June, students may request a rollover of up to 300 pages into summer. Students missing the deadline may not be eligible for a rollover!

Summer quota amounts are not eligible for rollover into the fall semester.

How do I check my quota usage?

For the answer to this, and more questions about printing at IU, see