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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Financial Trading Lab

Academic Use

The Financial Trading Lab is designed for academic use only. Recreational game playing is prohibited. If students are waiting to use the computers and you are not doing academic work, you may be asked to switch to academic work or give up your workstation. Anyone disturbing the academic environment of the lab may be asked to leave.

Use of Facilities by Persons not Affiliated with the Kelley Graduate School of Business

Access to the Financial Trading Lab technology resources is a privilege granted to all graduate faculty, staff, and students. Access may also be granted to individuals who are not in the graduate programs for purposes consistent with the mission of Technology Operations. However, sponsorship of these accounts and their activities by a faculty member or department administrator is required.

Quiet Zones

The Financial Trading Lab is designed as a quiet zone when classes are not scheduled. Please respect the rights of others working in the lab by keeping your voice low when talking. Also, headphones are required when listening to audible sounds and music through the computer. The instructor workstation and speaker system can only be used during classroom time or if approved Technology Operations.

No food or drink is allowed

If you have food or drink in the lab, you will be asked to remove it immediately. The computers and equipment in the student labs are sensitive to food and drink and are costly to repair. You may store sealed drink containers (a screw cap bottle of soda or water for example, no coffee cups) in the closet immediately inside the door of the lab for later consumption outside of the lab. You are responsible for any drinks you bring in the lab and you may lose your privileges if you do not clean up behind yourself.

Taking a Break

Since food and drink are not available in the laboratory, you may leave your workstation for fifteen (15) minutes. After that time, the computer will be made available to the next student. It is recommended that you do take breaks to get away from the computer. Repetitive stress and ergonomic injuries can accumulate by not taking breaks and stretching.

If you have locked the workstation and have not returned after fifteen minutes, the computer will be restarted and unsaved data will be lost.

Access to computing facilities

All graduate students will have access to the Financial Trading Lab during open lab sessions at a first come, first served basis. Any student (graduate) with scheduling difficulties may be granted card access to the laboratories to better fit their schedule. The rooms will be available 24 hours. If you need to obtain an access card, contact Melinda Turpin in room 141. You will need to have a faculty sponsor who will have to sign the form for you and take responsibility for you. When accessing the laboratories after hours, each person in entering the room must swipe their card, even if the door is opened from the inside or if several people are entering at one time. This data is used for tracking purposes.

If there is a class coming in after a scheduled lab, you must vacate the lab by 10 minutes before the start of the class. You will be reminded by the consultant when there are 15 minutes to closing or class starting. You should not impede the start of a class with your leaving. If a faculty member allows you to stay during class, this should be clearly defined. If you leave a workstation before the start of a class, your machine will be restarted and your belongings will be confiscated. You may pick your belongings up from the Technology Operations & Services Main Office.

Swipe/Access Cards

You must have a swipe card to access the rooms after hours. Anyone found forging/falsifying/using another's card/etc. will be disciplined and possibly criminally prosecuted. If you loan your card to someone to use, you will also be at fault. Access to the rooms will be granted within 24 hours of your approval and documentation. If you do not feel you need access, you should not immediately attempt access.

Malicious intent

Anyone found intentionally and/or maliciously destroying system files on any of the Financial Trading Lab computers will be disciplined, including losing your computing privileges and possible academic or criminal action may be taken.

Special Request Software List

  1. Bloomberg Professional Service Software
  2. Bloomberg Office Tools

STC Standard Software Build List


 *No Software that could be considered a Downgrade in versions from the current version installed in the labs will be considered for deployment.