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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services


WRDS provides instant access to important databases in the fields of finance, accounting, banking, economics, management, marketing and public policy. Whether you use the web query interface, run customized programs on the WRDS UNIX server, or use PC SAS, research data can be accessed immediately.

WRDS may be accessed through:

  • Web Query
    • Easy way to explore data
    • Simple yet powerful downloads
    • Easy to import into Excel
    • Links to documentation and other search and support tools
  • Unix environment (SAS, Fortran)
    • Secure connection with an SSH client
    • Best suited for research intensive tasks 
    • More flexible and powerful data download
      • Run customized programs
      • Pull data from several sources at the same time
    • Merge databases as needed
    • 750MB of permanent storage in /home/Indiana/username
    • 2 TB of temporary disk space
  • PC SAS
    • Windows PC SAS software installed on your desktop
    • Best suited for research intensive tasks
    • PC SAS offers graphical features and is more user friendly
    • Remote access to a data source: connecting to 

To create an account on WRDS, go to and select "Register for a WRDS account".

WRDS Policies