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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Microsoft & Third Party Updates

Oct 28, 2011

As part of our ongoing technology security procedures, Technology Operations and Services will approve new Microsoft and third party software patches tomorrow, Friday, 10.28.11, for KSB desktops (those on the ADS domain; laptops and machines located off campus are not updated by this process). The patches will download during the day and install and reboot your machine at 1am Saturday or Sunday as needed. TOS recommends that you save your work and restart your machine before leaving for the day Friday afternoon.


If your machine is shutoff this weekend, the patches will attempt to install immediately the next time your machine is turned on. If the updates fail to install, they will try again at 1am the following day. Most off campus desktop and laptop computers are configured to receive updates automatically from Microsoft, therefore they should update on their own. However, if anyone has a machine not configured for automatic updates, you'll need to perform a manual update.


If anyone has a question about this process, please contact the TOS Help Desk at 5-4247 or send email to  


Thank you,


Kevin Hostetler

(812) 855-4247

Associate Director of Client Services