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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Technology Welcome Message

Aug 16, 2011

As the new semester quickly approaches, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new graduate students to the Kelley School of Business, in addition, I'd like to welcome all the returning 2nd year students back to town.  I'd also like to provide you all with the following technology based information.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself, or save this message for future reference.


  1. Wireless Network Update -  Working in conjunction with UITS and HP, new Wireless Access Points (WAPs) were installed in the Kelley School at the beginning of August.   The new WAPs are intended to upgrade the wireless network service and provide a more consistent, positive wireless experience.  NOTE:  Dense populations of wireless capable devices still create disruptions of wireless services – TOS recommends the use of Ethernet cables whenever and wherever possible.


2.    SPAM email messages - these tend to come in waves.  Spammers will often setup a routine looking for ways to obtain confidential information, such as credit account numbers, account passwords, etc., from unsuspecting victims.    NOTE:  NO LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR YOUR PASSWORD/PASSPHRASE.    If you receive a notice that looks legit (i.e. you actually have an account at the financial institution that the message appears to come from), contact that organization independently from the email link provided; call them, open a web browser and use a bookmark/favorite or type their URL into the address windows, etc. DO NOT CLICK ON A LINK WITHIN THE MESSAGE ITSELF!


3.    DHCP registration – UITS requires yearly registration of laptop computer wired & wireless MAC (Media Access Card) connections in order to have network access.  If your machine loses its ability to connect via one network or the other, please try to re-register by launching a web browser and navigating to – the registration process may need to be completed via both a wired and a wireless connection.  NOTE:  This has to be done on campus, it cannot be done from home/off campus/Internet café/etc. (users should be able to navigate to the DHCP page even with an unregistered MAC)


4.    Printer re-authentication – In order to be able to print to an IU network printer, you must authenticate to the print server (which is managed by UITS).  This authentication must happen each time your machine is brought back onto the IU network (i.e. after a reboot, potentially after resuming from sleep or hibernation mode, upon arrival on campus, a switch from wired to wireless connection or vice versa, etc.).    The easiest way to accomplish this would be to create a desktop shortcut and click on it before you want to print.  On the TOS main web page, you’ll find a link to download network tools.  Once unzipped, a KSBTools folder will be generated and a Printer Authentication shortcut will be created.   NOTE:  Make sure you add ADS\ to your username, such as: ads\username


Again, we want to welcome everyone and wish you all a successful year!


Thank you,


Kevin Hostetler

(812) 855-4247

Associate Director of Client Services