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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Application Upgrade and Deployment Policies

Currently, application upgrades and the deployment of those upgrades will only occur during the deployment of Workstation Replacement Machines to Faculty, Staff, and Doctoral Students as we do not have the necessary infrastructure set in place to handle massive upgrades to software applications. However, if a business-case reason can be presented for such an upgrade to take place we will consider the upgrade to the application on a person-by-person basis. While we do realize that some applications need constant attention to upgrades due to licensing renewals and security holes, each application will be tested, verified, and released on an application-by-application basis and currently this serves as the only exception to our current standing policy. If you find yourself needing to have an application upgraded please review the following as examples of good business-case reasons for an upgrade or service pack to be applied.

  1. Security concerns or vulnerabilities that would allow for your machine to be compromised or open for ill-advised attacks.
  2. If you are a Faculty member or Lecturer that is teaching a specific version of the product in the STC Clusters in the Fall and needs the application to prepare for that class.

Microsoft Office Upgrades

Due to the nature of the size and system interoperability concerns when rolling out a new version of the Office Products, based on our experience with previous versions, we will only upgrade Office products upon the release of the new image during the Workstation Replacement Program (WRP) and will not consider any upgrades to systems all ready in place with a slightly older version of the Office Products unless a solid business-case reason can be submitted to justify the need for the software. From our collective experiences in the past, Office versions do not change significantly enough to warrant a massive rollout of the upgrade to the newest version. We realize that some features of the software products might be different in one version to the next or that one version might contain significant upgrade features to some tool sets. However, we believe that for our standard users will not be affected by the changes and thus will benefit from improved efficiency or productivity on their office machines. Furthermore, some machines currently in our scope might not contain the necessary system requirements and specifications published by Microsoft to run the newest version of the Office products.

Research Analytics Application Upgrades

Applications that we purchase a site license for, that require an annual renewal fee, an updated license code to be deployed (i.e. SPSS, AnswerTree, SAS, AMOS), and some of the other products purchased through Research Analytics (, will be administered either by a massive rollout of the application upgrade to Faculty, Staff, and Doctoral machines or by submitting a service request for software upgrade to the TOS System. Currently, these software packages serve as the only exception to the aforementioned policy and therefore you do not need a strong business-case reason for an upgrade.

Submissions for Upgrades

To submit a request for an upgrade to an application please send an email to and it will be forwarded through the proper channels to the person that will be best suited to help you. In addition, if the application you would like to have upgraded is not considered to be an exception to the standard operating application upgrade policy please submit your business-case reasons for the upgrade so that we can give it due consideration.