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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Video Conferencing Policies

Video conferences within the KSB are primarily coordinated through the Technology Operations & Services office. Five rooms within the Graduate and Executive Education Center (CG 1008, CG1014, CG 1034, CG1050, and CG 3046) and two rooms within the Undergrad Building (BU109 and BU111) are equipped with fixed video conference technology.  In addition to these seven classrooms, TOS maintains two mobile video conference units. These units can be reserved (much like the mobile PC equipped carts) and taken to any room that is accessible (i.e. no steps, has data connectivity, etc). TOS personnel are responsible for:

  • Coordinating with the Video Conference Help Desk
  • Determining the operating parameters with the remote site
  • Delivering the mobile video conference cart to the appropriate room & time
  • Configuring the equipment to connect to the remote site
  • Diagnosing/trouble shooting any difficulties that might arise
  • Ending video conference link, shutting down equipment, removing cart, etc

To inquire about setting up a video conference, please send email to giving as much lead time as possible. There are numerous parties involved (KSB Technology Services, IUB Radio & TV, the corresponding remote site personnel and their technical assistants, etc) with the scheduling, set-up, testing and troubleshooting of a video conference link. In addition, with only two mobile video conference units, in conjunction with rising demand, it is quite possible that we may not be able to accommodate a video conference request with less than two weeks prior notice. In addition, Technology Operations & Services reserves the right to refuse last-minute video conference requests. Due to the considerable amount of time and technical resources required to facilitate video conferencing (including TOS personnel, TV & Radio personnel, etc), last-minute accommodations, while possibly feasible, are not recommended nor condoned.  Finally, our video conference equipment is not able to connect to Skype and similar software at this time, so please take this into consideration when you contact TOS.

In addition to the fixed video conference classrooms and the two mobile video conference carts, departments that require numerous video conferences per semester are encouraged to purchase their own equipment. By using a desktop/laptop web cam users can replicate video conference capabilities. While some of the functionality is a bit limited compared to the mobile units, the basic functions are present and would meet the needs of a great many conferencing situations. For more information about video conferencing, please send email to