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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

CD/DVD Duplication Policies

Technology Operations is able to provide limited support to the Kelley School of Business faculty & staff in the endeavor of duplicating (non-copyrighted) CD/DVDs; however some restrictions apply:

  • TOS requests a two week advance notice/lead time
  • TOS is limited to production runs of 10 units or less for DVDs; 50 units or less for CDs
  • TOS will print only black text on the label of the disc - no other colors or graphics (the customer is responsible for the text)
  • Technology Operations & Services will not create or modify CD/DVD content - we will only facilitate duplication of preexisting discs.
  • The customer assumes sole responsibility to ensure that no copyright laws are broken - TOS will not be held liable for any copyright infringement issues
  • TOS will not duplicate non-academic materials such as home movies, weddings, etc.
  • TOS requirements for CD/DVD production takes precedence over faculty/staff requests

In situations where:

  • A two week advance notice/lead time is unavailable or,
  • A large quantity of discs is required (i.e. more than 10 DVDs or 50 CDs) or,
  • TOS' requirements supercede a faculty/staff member's request or
  • Another condition listed above

Technology Operations reserves the right to direct customers to other service providers.

For duplication of non-copyrighted, non-academic, personal items such as home movies or wedding videos, etc, search the Internet or check the yellow pages and look under Video Taping & Production Services.