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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

General Network Policies

The Kelley School of Business (KSB) asks that all faculty/staff adhere to the following Network Policies.

Each department currently has two areas allocated on the File and Print Server for their use. The “G Drive” is for department use and is open to all faculty, staff, and doctoral students (unless specified otherwise by the department chair or administrative assistant) affiliated with the department to access (read, edit, and delete) all files and folders on the drive. The primary purpose of this drive is to provide collaborative space for department members for non-sensitive data.

The “K Drive” is for restricted use by faculty and staff affiliated with the department. Typically these restrictions are set folder by folder on the drive, although a few departments have granted access to all of their members. Folder access restrictions can be specified by any member of the department and limited to any number of individual users. Please contact your department head, or an individual designated to do so by the department head for more information on how your department uses this drive.

The “H Drive” or RFS is for personal use. It is managed by UITS (not Technology Operations) and has a default quota of 100GB. For more information about RFS, please see

The "J Drive" contains the network location of many applications used on the default Kelley School of Business software image. This drive needs to be mapped for some applications to run, but no user action should be required.

The "M Drive" or SAS Drive contains the network location of the SAS application for the Kelley School of Business. This drive needs to be mapped and you need to have an IU IP address (on-campus or VPN) in order to use SAS, but no other user action should be required.

The G and K Drives are each limited by a quota management system. If your department meets their quota, you will receive an out of space error. To get a space increase, the department head, or an individual designated to do so by the department head can request a space increase. Please email your request to and specify your department, and which drive you need an increase on. Before emailing TSHELP, please verify that there are no files that can be removed from the drive. It is the responsibility of each department to maintain the use of these drives.

If a member of your department needs to add/modify/remove access to the department network resources (drives, printers), please have the department head, or an individual designated to do so by the department head request their permissions be added/modified/removed. Please include the username of the individual to be changed, and specifically what access needs to be changed (drive, folders on drives, printers).
Other special drives will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Requests for special drives should be emailed to and include the following:

  • A benefit analysis for Kelley School of Business
  • Estimated amount of time drive will be needed
  • Estimated amount of space (in GB) that will be required
  • List of users who will need access to the drive

No one may attach a DHCP server, router, or attempt to extend the network in any other way without prior approval from the Associate Director of Operations.
Anyone found in violation of this policy is subject to a $50 per hour per technician, minimum one hour charge during elimination of this device, in addition to any actions taken by UITS.