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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

Kelley Classrooms

There are over 70 technology classrooms that are currently in use in Kelley School of Business. These classrooms are equipped with advanced technologies. Choose from the menu below to find out more about a particular technology classroom. Please go to Facility Operations and Services for seating capacity for each room.

If you would like to learn more about operating our classroom equipment, please schedule a technology instruction appointment with one of our staff. E mail or call 855.4247 to set one up.

HH100 HH1000 CG0001* MN001C*
HH102 HH1006 CG0030* MN208*
HH103 HH1030 CG1000*
HH109 HH1034 CG1004*
HH111 HH1038 CG1008
HH200 HH2000 CG1014
HH201 HH2006 CG1022*
HH202 HH2016 CG1026*
HH203 HH3000 CG1032*
HH205 HH3006 CG1034*
HH209 HH3016 CG1040
HH211 HH3022 CG1050
HH213 HH3030 CG1056
HH219 HH3034 CG2061*
HH223 HH4000 CG2063*
HH300 HH4006 CG2069*
HH304 HH4026 CG2077*
HH306 HH4030 CG3044*
HH321 HH4034 CG3046*
HH323 CG3055
HH341 CG3059*
HH400 CG3065*
HH404 CG3074
HH406 CG3075*

Note: Technology rooms CG 0030, 1000, 3044, 3046, 3055, 3059, 3065, and 3074 are not for standard classroom use. Please call or e-mail the helpdesk to find out who you will need to contact in regards to these rooms.

* These classroom require a Crestron code to operate the technology. Faculty and staff, please contact Technology Operations & Services via e-mail to obtain the pass code.