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Indiana University Bloomington

Technology Services

HH 205

This room is a technology classroom.

It includes:

  • One LCD Ceiling Projector
  • Windows Dell Computer with DVD/CD-RW
  • Laptop Connection capability  
  • Wireless mouse
  • Document Camera
  • VCR
  • DVD Player
  • Standard STC Software
  • Overhead Transparency Projector
  • Projection Screen

Every technology room has an active phone line programmed to our KSBIT Emergency Line for immediate assistance.

NOTE: If you require a specific form of technology not already in this room, please contact KSBIT at to request it.

*KSB classrooms are not available for casual get-togethers; i.e. ball games, movies, parties, etc are not appropriate uses TOS technology. Faculty, staff, guest instructors, visiting professors, student organizations holding official academic oriented events, etc are eligible to use KSBIT technology. All student organization reservations require KSB faculty/staff sponsorship.*