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Indiana University Bloomington

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The Kelley Partners Club is a unique and inclusive organization comprising the significant others and families of students attending the Kelley School of Business MBA Program. Our partners include husbands, wives, fiancés, fiancées, girlfriends and boyfriends from around the world. The Partners Club organizes social, cultural and informational activities for its members and provides opportunities to get involved in activities at Indiana University and around Bloomington. The Partners Club is a supportive network fostering a friendly environment for partners to spend time with others facing the same back-to-school challenges. As a member, you will receive frequent updates that highlight our upcoming activities, as well as Kelley and community news.

The "Kelley Kids" Partners Club is part of the larger Kelley Partners Club, an organization made up of the partners of students in the Kelley School of Business MBA Program. The Kelley Kids group provides a support network for partners with children.