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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

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"The faculty at Kelley are amazing to work with. The Academy students are really engaged and are very impressive."
Casey Wayson,
Recruiter, Eaton Corp.

Alex Mills

Contact Information

(812) 855-3484
millsaf [at] indiana [dot] edu (E-mail)
Business School

  • Assistant Professor


  • Bloomington


  • PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012
  • BS, College of William and Mary, 2007

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, 2012-present

Awards, Honors & Certifications

  • 2012 Finalist, Doing Good with Good OR paper competition, INFORMS
  • 2008 Excellence in Teaching Award, UNC

Professional Interests

Healthcare Operations Management, Service Systems, Stochastic Models, Simulation

Current Projects

  • Mills, A.F., N.T. Argon, and S. Ziya. "Dynamic Casualty Distribution in the Aftermath of a Disaster," under revision for Operations Research.
  • Mills, A.F., J.E. Helm, and Y. Wang. "SURGE: Smoothing Usage of Resource is Good for Emergencies," under review.

Selected Publications

  • Mills, A. F. , N. T. Argon, S. Ziya, B. Hiestand, J. E. Winslow (2014). “ReSTART: A Novel Framework for Resource-Based Triage in Mass-Casualty Events,” Journal of Special Operations Medicine 14(1): 30-39.

  • Frame, A. M., and A. F. Mills (2014). “Condition-Dependent Mate Choice: a Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach,” Theoretical Population Biology, forthcoming.

  • Mills, A.F., N.T. Argon, and S. Ziya (2013). "Resource-Based Patient Prioritization in Mass-Casualty Incidents," Manufacturing and Service Operations Management 15(3): 361-377.