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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

ODT Undergraduate BW ranking 2010

Bloomberg Businessweek gave the Kelley School Undergraduate Program an A+ for job placement and an A for teaching quality and facilities in its 2013 rankings.

Technology Foundations

Our Technology Foundations courses are very popular with Kelley students and other IU students.  Learn more about K201 and X201.

Technology Foundations: X201

ODT Classroom

X201 Technology is the second course in the technology foundations series. It became a required course in the fall of 1996 and was developed by Professor Ash Soni, now the Associate Dean of Information Technology. 

Soni credits the advent of the Internet as a primary reason for creating the course, as students needed to understand the technology and its impact on the business world. As the Internet evolved, so has X201. 

The Tools For Making Sound Business Decisions
Initially X201 focused on web design with HTML, and evolved over the years to include Photoshop and database-driven web sites. Most recently, X201 has changed its focus to advanced Excel using @Risk simulation, Solver, and Stat Tools add-ins helping students understand how to analyze data to support sound business decisions.

These analytical tools are often reserved for higher level course work, but X201 prepares students earlier in their academic careers to ensure a strong foundation of technological and analytical skills. 

Like its prerequisite K201, the lab component of the course offers a hands-on learning experience in small computer labs and a supportive environment where help is readily available. A team of teaching assistants and peer tutors is active in every classroom to provide students with the assistance they need to master the material.