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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

ODT Undergraduate BW ranking 2010

Bloomberg Businessweek gave the Kelley School Undergraduate Program an A+ for job placement and an A for teaching quality and facilities in its 2013 rankings.

Technology Foundations

Our Technology Foundations courses are very popular with Kelley students and other IU students.  Learn more about K201 and X201.

Undergraduate Courses

  1. K327
    Deterministic Models in Operations Research
    • 16-weeks
    • 3 credits
    • Prerequisite: X201 or X202

    This course provides a strong focus on thinking skills used to enhance the business decision making process. The class process will include breaking down a problem to its core, assembling a plan of action, and then implementing that plan with analytical tools.  Analytic analysis is not simply about the quantitative methods; rather, it must have the qualitative component to be effective - you must be able to properly define the problem.  K327 delivers a strong emphasis on both components.

    The qualitative component includes critical thinking, troubleshooting, problem solving, decision making, teamwork and collaboration and process flow. The quantitative component emphasizes analytics.  In this class, we will use Excel as the technology of choice to convert data into information. Data analysis topics include data manipulation, retrieval and calculation.  An additional component of the class will be modeling the decision making process with flow charts and Excel form controls. Class examples will be derived from actual business cases and analysis.