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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

Solving Problems the Kelley Way

Justin Weber MBA'06

Manager of Corporate Strategy, Cummins Inc.

Columbus, Indiana
Justin Weber

“This department is a really down-to-earth, get-the-job done, accepting place. I would consider some of my professors real friends today.”

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He may work at one of the world’s most successful diesel engine and power corporations, but Justin Weber doesn’t consider himself a “gearhead.”

As manager of corporate strategy at Cummins Inc., a multinational, $11 billion Fortune 500 Company, Weber manages three to five projects at any given time, often working as manufacturing strategist, human resource forecaster, and business analyst. In a nutshell, he thinks of himself as a relationship builder.

“One of things I’ve learned from working for Cummins is that relationships are at the core of all we do,” says Weber, who received his Kelley MBA in operations in 2006.

That’s a lesson he also picked up while he was a student in Kelley’s Department of Operations and Decision Technologies (ODT). “The great thing about ODT is that it’s a really down-to-earth, get-the-job done, accepting place. It’s a very relationship-based department,” he says. “I had a lot of personal contact with my professors, and I would consider some of them real friends today. Some of their cell phone numbers are in my phone.”

Weber came to IU after spending eight years in the U.S. Department of Defense, first as an Army recruit and then as an employee of Lockheed Martin, where he worked as a site manager in Kandahar, Afghanistan, for a telecommunications project. He knew he wanted an advanced business degree in operations management, and was well aware of the Kelley School’s outstanding departments, programs, and professors. Now a Kelley alumnus, Weber is quite satisfied with the skills he gained.

“I think the Kelley degree offers a great balance by combining a general management curriculum with other focus areas. I knew I wanted to focus on operations. If you’ve ever talked to a general manager, they’ll say that without operations, they would never make it,” says Weber.

“By far the most valuable skill I learned at Kelley was how to separate the ‘noise’ from the actual issues in order to break down a problem and solve it.”

In Brief
Best Kelley Moment:
“Coming back to Bloomington after my summer internship where I was a ‘productive’ member of society once again and catching up with friends and professors at school. It was then that I realized I couldn’t have picked a better place to spend two years of my life than in Bloomington at the Kelley School of Business.”
Web sites I visit every day:

Yahoo Finance and the Indianapolis Colts Web site

Favorite Bloomington hangout:

Nick’s English Hut

Why I love my job:
“A ton of variety in the projects … thought-provoking assignments (tough problems that are not easily solved) that are perfect for applying the skill set I acquired during my MBA.”
Published April 15, 2011