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Indiana University Bloomington

From Head of the Class to Corporate Fast Track

D'Andre May MSIS'06

VP, Operations & Technology, CitiGroup

New York, New York

“The MSIS program does a great job of emulating real-life corporate situations, from working in groups or teams to actually partnering with Fortune 500 companies to address issues they’re currently facing.”

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At 24 years old, D'Andre May has just moved a bit closer to the corner office.

After earning his master's degree in information systems (MSIS) at Kelley and landing a job as an associate at Citi (formerly CitiGroup) in New York City, May was promoted to a vice president position in December 2007.

And he couldn't have done it without Kelley.

May decided to pursue the MSIS at Kelley so he could gain managerial skills to balance out his technical skills.

"My experiences were all very technical and I didn't want to get pigeonholed," says May, who had completed an undergraduate degree at Kelley with a concentration in computer information systems and minors in economics and mathematics. "The MSIS allowed me to better understand how to manage IT departments."

Because of the many technical courses he took in undergraduate school, May was able to waive a whole semester of course work in the MSIS program (typically, the program lasts for one year plus a summer).

His Kelley preparation paved the way for a rapid ascent at Citi, where he moved from management associate to vice president of strategic development for global change and relief management.

"The MSIS program does a great job of emulating real-life corporate situations, from working in groups or teams to actually partnering with Fortune 500 companies to address issues they're currently facing," says May.

As a Kelley student, May's team won first place in the DAMA case competition. He was a Mitte Scholar and member of Honors I-Core and took part in Kelley's Civic Leadership Development program.

His current job responsibilities include strategic management and process improvement of global change management, including data mining and metric analysis, enhancement option reviews, cost-benefit analysis, and awareness. Over the summer of 2007, he took part in a "global road show." May primarily serves as a delegate, liaison, and manager of varied initiatives.

The realities of working with different personalities in teams at Kelley helped prepare May for working with colleagues later on.

"What Kelley does quite well is force you to be in situations that resemble real-life work situations. I had some groups [in the MSIS program] that were not ideal situations, but that's life. If I'd had ideal groups throughout, I may not have been as prepared. In the end, I got quite a bit out of it because I put quite a bit into it."

May has maintained a close relationship with Ramesh Venkataraman, chair of the MSIS program. "I have a strong relationship with Ramesh, so I want to bring our people here. People at Citi were pretty impressed with what I have to offer, so our recruiters will be consistently looking at Indiana University."


In Brief
About Bloomington:
“I don’t consider too many places home—I consider Texas home and I consider Bloomington home. Aside from what I think a lot of people are attracted to—the parks and fields and arts and atmosphere of campus—I liked the people. It’s got a warm feeling that is not really replicated in a lot of places.”
Best Kelley Moments:

Receiving the Ken R R. Gros Lois Scholarship, the Stahr Award, and becoming president of SAA.

Favorite Kelley Teachers:

Carolyn Wiethoff (Organizational Management) and Rod Haywood (Business Communication)

Favorite Bloomington Restaurants:

Dagwood’s and Lennie’s

Published April 15, 2011