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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

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Our Operations, Analytics and Information Systems faculty have written many of the definitive textbooks in the areas of operations, data analysis, database management, networking, and Excel modeling.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Optimal Single Machine Scheduling of Products with Components and Changeover Cost

2014, European Journal of Operational Research

F. Zhou, J. D. Blocher, X. Hu, H. S. Heese


We consider the problem of scheduling products with components on a single machine, where changeovers incur fixed costs. The objective is to minimize the weighted sum of total flow time and changeover cost. We provide properties of optimal solutions and develop an explicit characterization of optimal sequences, while showing that this characterization has recurrent properties. Our structural results have interesting implications for practitioners, primarily that the structure of optimal sequences is robust to changes in demand.


Zhou, F., J.D. Blocher, X. Hu, and H.S. Heese (2014), "Optimal Single Machine Scheduling of Products with Components and Changeover Cost," European Journal of Operational Research, 233(1): 75-83.


scheduling, machine, optimal, operations management