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Operations & Decision Technologies

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Our Operations, Analytics and Information Systems faculty have written many of the definitive textbooks in the areas of operations, data analysis, database management, networking, and Excel modeling.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

The Role of APICS in Professionalizing Operations Management

2007, Journal of Operations Management

Rhonda R. Lummus


The APICS organization is the professional association most closely affiliated with operations management practitioners. The organization is widely known for their Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) program that assesses individual knowledge in the field of production and inventory management. APICS and the CPIM certification have played a major role in elevating the professionalism of individuals who work in operations management. This paper will detail a history of APICS and the CPIM certification and describe the role of academics in the development of the certification.


Lummus, R. (2007), "The Role of APICS in Professionalizing Operations Management," Journal of Operations Management, Special Issue on the Evolution of the Field of Operations Management, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 336-345.