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Steinbeis University learns with ODT

May 19, 2014

Steinbeis University, in Berlin, Germany, offers a Master of Business Engineering (MBE) and Executive MBA program that take two week seminars at partner universities.  The Department of Operations and Decision Technologies (ODT) crafts a program for their visit to Bloomington, Indiana.

The MBE program accepts students with very little business background. The students depend on the courses abroad to fill in the fundamental business theories and applications.  These students work closely with a German partner company and develop a project for the company throughout the two year fellowship program.

The Executive MBA students have at least two years of experience in the business.  It is important that all courses can speak to both the MBA and MBE students.

Photo of Doung Blocher

Chair and Associate Professor Doug Blocher of ODT

“We work closely with Steinbeis University to design a good educational experience for their students, one that will ultimately help them perform better business analysis within their home university,” said Doug Blocher, chair and associate professor of ODT.

Specialized education with a holistic approach

Basic courses overlap for all students in the program, which include marketing, ethics and leadership, and conflict negotiation. Kelley faculty from these fields teach the courses.  

Matthew Semadeni, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship, teaches strategy to both of the programs. He focuses on aspects that apply to both modules.  

“All managers must have a fundamental understanding of the environment in which they operate and the resources and capabilities that they can deploy.  Additionally, competitor analysis is essential for any business intelligence,” said Semadeni.

Business intelligence and general management are the elective modules in the program.  Students choose from one of these tracks.  

The business intelligence courses are taught by ODT faculty, providing a broad range of analysis tools and in which situations to use them. Associate Professor Vijay Khatri of ODT teaches a module on business performance management (BPM).

Photo of Vijay Khatri teaching students in classroom

Associate Professor Vijay Khatri of ODT teaching Steinbeis students

“I used case studies to highlight key concepts so students get a chance to see how concepts are applied in real organizations, and then I showed how the concepts could be implemented using a software tool called Tableau,“ said Khatri.

The general management program highlights all of the overarching functions of business: management, accounting, finance, and operations and supply chain management.

Each day, students work on their team’s final presentations that are to be presented at the end of the last day.  The case represents work from all of the courses.  Students immediately use the lessons from the courses in order to experience how to apply the tools and present the applicable information.