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Indiana University Bloomington

Operations & Decision Technologies

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"The faculty at Kelley are amazing to work with. The Academy students are really engaged and are very impressive."
Casey Wayson,
Recruiter, Eaton Corp.

Supply Chain and Operations Faculty

Faculty Member Contact Professional Interests
S. Albright Professor Emeritus

Business School
Spreadsheet Modeling for Optimization, Statistical Analysis and Simulation, Developing Excel Add-ins for Statistics, Statistics for Research, Stochastic Models in Management Science, Quantitative Methods for MBA Core, Web Page Development and Database Access with .NET, Data Mining, VBA for Excel
Goker Aydin Associate Professor ayding [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5921
Business School,
Room 560E
Supply Chain Management; Revenue Management; Retail Operations; Interactions among Pricing, Product Variety and Operations Decisions
J. Doug Blocher Associate Professor dblocher [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2667
Business School,
Room 570A
Customer Order Scheduling, Changeover Scheduling, Supply Chain Management, Lead Time/Cycle Time Reduction
Kurt Bretthauer Professor kbrettha [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3487
Business School,
Room 670A
Service Operations Management, Healthcare Services, Supply Chain Management
Carl Briggs Clinical Associate Professor briggsc [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3489
Business School,
Room 678
Enterprise Project Management, Analytical Techniques for Supply Chain Procurement, Simulation Modeling Tools and Techniques, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, including distance/online learning
Kyle Cattani Associate Professor kcattani [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2665
Business School,
Room 670D
Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Managing Operations in the Presence of Uncertainty, Managing Product End of Life, Mass Customization
Rex Cutshall Senior Lecturer rcutshal [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-0112
Business School,
Room 670G
Management science applications to OM education, Quality Management, Educational theory of OM education, Operations Management, Strategic Sourcing
Scott Dobos Senior Lecturer scdobos [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-5730
Business School,
Room 570G
Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing, Strategic Sourcing, Operations Management, Enterprise Systems
Tony Gerth Clinical Associate Professor tgerth [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-9978
Business School,
Room 674
IS leadership and the role of the CIO, IT organizational effectiveness, IT investment benefits realization, management consulting
H. Heese Visiting Research Associate hheese [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2729
Business School
Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Conflict and Coordination, Retail Operations, Healthcare Operations
Jonathan Helm Assistant Professor helmj [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3486
Business School,
Room 570F
Healthcare Operations Management; Patient Flow and Healthcare Resource Management; Service Operations Management; Medical Decision Making
John Hill Clinical Assistant Professor hilljoh [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2729
Business School,
Room 672
ODT Supply Chain and Operations, Operation & Decision Technologies
Shanshan Hu Assistant Professor hush [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 856-2342
Business School,
Room 570D
General Interests: Capacity Management, Procurement, Energy Markets -Strategic Procurement and Investment in Capacity -Revenue Management with Limited Inventory -Procurement Auctions and Mechanisms Design -Stochastic Control and Financial Engineering, Applications in Energy Industry
F. Jacobs Professor jacobs [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2676
Business School,
Room 670E
Supply Chain Design, Supply Chain Planning and Control, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Rhonda Lummus Clinical Professor rlummus [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-2669
Business School,
Room 670C
Supply chain planning, demand planning, implications of information systems technology on supply chain management, and supply chain flexibility
Vincent Mabert Professor Emeritus mabert [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail

Business School
Workforce Planning, e-Procurement, Product Development, Enterprise Planning Systems, Reverse Auctions
Alex Mills Assistant Professor millsaf [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3484
Business School,
Room 560D
Healthcare Operations Management, Service Systems, Stochastic Models, Simulation
James Patterson Professor Emeritus

Business School
Project Management, Mathematical Programming, Operations Management, Decision Support Systems, Statistics
Alfonso Pedraza-Martinez Assistant Professor alpedraz [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-6227
Business School,
Room 570B
Humanitarian Operations and Crisis Management, Sustainability, Operations Management in Emerging Markets, Global Supply Chains
Ash Soni Professor soni [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-8489
Godfrey Center,
Room 3006
Enterprise Systems and Applications, Emerging Technologies, Operations Research & Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Computer Simulation
Gilvan Associate Professor gsouza [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-3491
Business School,
Room 670F
Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Closed-Loop Supply Chains, Technology Management, Sustainable Operations, Remanufacturing, Reverse Logistics
Munirpallam Venkataramanan Professor venkatar [at] indiana [dot] edu E-mail
(812) 855-0245
Room BY 113
Technology Management, Decision Support Systems, Supply Chain management, Computer Simulation, Enterprise Resource Planning