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Thank you for your interest in Kelley’s Net Impact chapter. If you have any questions regarding the Kelley School of Business and/or membership in Net Impact, please feel free to contact any of our leadership team members.

The Net Impact Club is currently planning activities for the 2014 fall and 2015 spring semesters and is looking for ideas around career development, public education or networking. If you would like to get involved, please contact Lisa Fehsenfeld, VP of External Affairs, at

Sarah Nagelvoort

BAs the President of Net Impact, I am responsible for ensuring that the actions and programs of Kelley Net Impact align with our vision and the needs of our members while maintaining the requirements of a national chapter. My favorite part of the position is exploring and pursuing new opportunities for our members.

Suzanne Cunningham
VP Marketing

As VP of Marketing for Kelley Net Impact, I am in charge of social media, club listserv, and event PR. Prior to Kelley, I spent two years serving with the United States Peace Corps in western Mongolia, leading community development initiatives. After completing my service, I took a marketing position at Hearts & Hands of Indiana, a non-profit on the near west side of Indianapolis. I am majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics.

Lisa Fehsenfeld
VP External Affairs

I am studying entrepreneurship and marketing, working towards a career in international business development. As the VP of External Affairs, it is my duty to connect the Kelley Net Impact chapter with other IU organizations and departments and to facilitate shared opportunities to learn about sustainable practices in all functions of business.

Kevin Ruuhela
VP Finance & Professional Development

As the Net Impact VP of Finance & Professional Development, I hope to build stronger relationships with socially responsible companies to provide Kelley students new avenues to employment and greater understanding of the careers available. I also want to provide students the tools to excel in these roles.

Brian Thacker
VP Community Outreach

As VP Community Outreach, my goal is to help engage the Kelley MBA student body with the Bloomington community by facilitating opportunities to serve. Specifically, one of my primary objectives is to manage a Board Fellows program to provide students with opportunities to serve as non-voting members on the boards of local nonprofit organizations.

Kristin Russell
Symposium Chair

As the Symposium Chair, I am responsible for ensuring the success of the Kelley Net Impact Symposium, which aims to introduce students to the initiatives companies are pursuing on both a local and global scale as part of their corporate social responsibility strategies.

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