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Indiana University Bloomington


Recognized Experts

Our faculty are recognized experts who sit on the editorial boards of 11 of the world’s leading marketing journals.

Undergraduate Courses

  1. M304
    Honors Marketing Management
    • 16-weeks
    • 3 credits
    • Prerequisite: A100, A201, A202, T175, T275, D270, X271 or X272, G202, K201, L201, C104, C204, X201, ECON-E201, ECON-E370, ENG-W131, MATH-M118, MATH-M119 (all with grades of C or better) and admission to the Business Honors Program. Corequisites: F304, P304, Z304, and I304. Part of Honors I-Core; students are administratively enrolled.

    Part of the honors integrative core, along with F 304, J 304, and P 304. Examines the marketing concepts, strategic planning, marketing research, and information systems. Covers consumer and organizational buying behavior, forecasting sales, and market segmentation and position. Also focuses on new product development process; product lines and brands; pricing strategies; distribution-channel management; advertising; personal selling; and organizing, evaluating, and controlling marketing.  Students may not receive credit for both M304 and (M370 or M301 or M300).