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Indiana University Bloomington


Recognized Experts

Our faculty are recognized experts who sit on the editorial boards of 11 of the world’s leading marketing journals.

Undergraduate Courses

  1. M370
    Integrated Business Core--Marketing Component
    • 16-weeks
    • 3 credits
    • Prerequisite: A100, A201, A202, G202, T175, T275, D270, X271 or X272, K201, L201, C104, C204, X201, ECON-E201, ECON-E370, ENG-W131, MATH-M118, MATH-M119 (all with a grade of C or better).

    Cross-functional survey of business management. The marketing component covers marketing planning and decision making examined from firm and consumer points of view. Topics include the marketing concept and its company-wide implications, the integration of marketing with other functions, and the role that product, price, promotion, and distribution play in marketing strategy and implementation. Includes a cross-functional case done in teams. Students may not receive credit for both M370 and (M304 or M301 or M300).