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Indiana University Bloomington


A Worldwide Reputation

Tyson Becker

MBA Student

Tyson Becker

“The Kelley Marketing program gave me the confidence to make key decisions—and feel comfortable making them.”

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After earning his bachelor’s degree from DePauw University and working on player development initiatives for the Cleveland Indians Baseball Company, Tyson Becker decided to return to school for his MBA.

The Kelley School of Business was the ideal place to enhance his skills.

“I knew I wanted to study marketing and stay in the Midwest for my MBA, and the Kelley School offered everything I was looking for, from a top-five marketing program to integrated teamwork experiences,” Becker says.

“Bloomington is such a great, relaxed place. My wife loves it here—she says it reminds her of the town where she grew up.”

During his first year in the program, Becker was elected to the Student Advisory Committee by his peers and was selected for the Consumer Marketing Academy by Kelley faculty. He is also a recipient of the Business Merit Scholarship.

Becker says he has gotten the most out of his marketing classes with Kelley Marketing Professor Ray Burke, whom he calls one of his favorite professors.

“His classes gave me the tools I needed for my internship this summer. In his classes, we learned how to breakdown a marketplace statistically and use those insights to make good marketing decisions.”

Kelley’s Graduate Career Services Office enabled Becker to connect with his current internship at General Motors’ OnStar, an in-vehicle service that connects GM drivers to a live, 24-hour operator service that offers help with everything from turn-by-turn directions to emergency assistance.

At OnStar, Becker works on marketing initiatives to build subscriber relationships. Since he began the internship in May, he has formulated two separate price promotion strategies targeting specific subscriber segments; authored a report on associated risks and opportunities within a new group of potential customers; and produced a marketing plan to maximize retention during the second year of a subscriber’s life cycle.

The wide range of classes offered in Kelley’s core MBA program has prepared Becker well for the real world challenges he faces at GM OnStar.

“Kelley has trained me to make sense of complex problems and develop effective solutions,” he says. “I feel that I have the tools to handle any type of situation I might encounter on the job.”

In Brief
Indiana everywhere:

“My manager graduated from Kelley in 2005. The Indiana connection is very strong at OnStar.”

Advice for future business students:

“If you understand what you want to do, the school will pick itself. Kelley is very strong across the board in so many subjects, it’s hard to go wrong here.”

Favorite Bloomington restaurant:

“There are so many restaurants to choose from in Bloomington, but my wife and I usually just end up ordering the Crazy Aver’s Special from Aver’s Pizza,which is by far the best deal in town.”

I’ll have what he’s having:

“Some of the teams you get a chance to work with at Kelley are so diverse, you always end up trying new things. One of my team members was from South Korea. There’s a certain type of food that his wife would make him that I loved so much, she made me my own dish of it before all our big team presentations. Even though I swore by this food, I still to this day have no idea what it was called—or even what exactly was in it.”

Published April 7, 2011