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30 Articles

Our faculty have published more than 30 articles in leading marketing journals in the last year and a half.

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The Horizontal/Vertical Distiniction in Cross-Cultural Consumer Research

2006, Journal of Consumer Psychology

Sharon Shavitt, Ashok K. Lalwani, Jing Zhang, Carlos Torelli


We argue for the importance of a relatively new cultural distinction in the horizontal (valuing equality) or vertical (emphasizing hierarchy) nature of cultures and cultural orientations.  A review of the existing cross-cultural literature is presented suggesting that, although the contribution of the horizonal/vertical distinction is sometimes obscured by methods that conflate it with other dimensions, its impact is distinct from that associated with individualism-collectivism.  We present studies that highlight several sources of value for the horizontal/vertical distinction--as a predictor of new consumer psychology phenomena and as a basis for refining the understanding of known phenomena.  Results support the utility of examining this distinction for the understanding of personal values, advertising and consumer persuasion, self-presentational patterns, and gender differences.  Methodological issues in studying the horizontal/vertical distinction are also discussed.


Shavitt, Sharon, Ashok K. Lalwani, Jing Zhang, and Carlos Torelli (2006), "The Horizontal/Vertical Distinction in Cross-Cultural Consumer Research," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 16 (4), 325-342.