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Indiana University Bloomington


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Recruiters ranked our marketing MBA program 3rd in the nation in 2007, according to the Wall Street Journal. In addition, recruiters in the consumer products industry and recruiters in energy and industrial products and services each ranked Kelley 2nd.

Master's (MBA) Program

  1. M544
    Managing Advertising and Sales Promotion
    • 7-weeks
    • 1.5 credits
    • Prerequisite: MBA Core

    This course is concerned with strategic approaches to managing advertising and sales promotion programs. Topics include selecting target audiences; setting program objectives; developing and implementing creative strategies, and judging creative media; use of sales promotion tools; testing, evaluating, and revising advertising and promotion programs.

    • The regulatory and social environment: governmental and industry regulation
    • The marketing management context of advertising and sales promotion: roles and objectives of promotion programs; agency/client relationships; the strategic focus of promotion programs; appropriating, budgeting, and allocating resources; the advertising/sales promotion planning process
    • Analyzing target audiences and setting communication and action objectives
    • Developing creative strategies: strategic considerations in creative development; strategy research for assessing efficiency
    •  Media strategy, scheduling, and vehicle selection: reach &  frequency relationships; selection of primary and secondary media; the concept of minimum effective frequency; evaluating media vehicles; scheduling media; adapting media plans to specific geographic settings
    • The strategic use of sales promotion: setting action and communication goals; the interaction of sales promotion with advertising, distribution, and price; target audiences and objectives for sales promotion; interactions among trade, retail, and consumer sales promotion; techniques and tools of trial and loyalty in consumer sales promotion
    • Research and testing advertising and sales promotion programs: testing communication effects; settings for pre testing; management judgment methods; media and vehicle research
    • Adopting an integrated marketing communications orientation; organizational, planning, and execution implications

    Course Materials:  Cases in Advertising, Promotion, and Communications Management. 

    Grading Criteria:  Grades will be based on class presentations, written case analyses and projects, class participation, and examinations