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Indiana University Bloomington


The Haring Symposium

The Albert Haring Symposium provides doctoral students from the Kelley School and other leading universities with a forum to present and discuss their research in a professional meeting environment.

Theory/Research Paper

Students are required to demonstrate their research competency by conducting an original research project.  The goal of the Theory/Research Paper is to assess a student's ability to identify an area/domain and conduct an integrative theoretical review as a foundation to good research.  Students should develop a conceptual framework and include theoretical propositions that are testable in principle.  The paper should be capable of forming the basis for the dissertation and directed towards eventual publication in one of the major journals in marketing.

Students should work on their research paper during their second year in the program.  The Theory/Research Paper will hve an oral presentation and a written component.  Students will submit a paper (no more than 50 pages in total) on a topic following the above guidelines to fulfill the written component.  Given that this is an exam of the student's ability, faculty involvement in their paper is limited (e.g., provide references, engage in short discussions, etc.).  Students will receive written feedback on the paper from faculty reviewers.  This paper will be assessed in accordance with the Doctoral Program's Qualifying Exam Assessment Rubric; students with unsatisfactory performance will fail this exam.