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Indiana University Bloomington


The Haring Symposium

The Albert Haring Symposium provides doctoral students from the Kelley School and other leading universities with a forum to present and discuss their research in a professional meeting environment.

Teaching Assignments

Doctoral students in marketing are expected to gain experience in teaching undergraduate classes during their time in the program. The exact nature of the teaching assignments will vary depending upon the student’s background and the needs of the Marketing Department, but will not require more than four courses during their four years in the program. The four courses should include not more than 2 preps, ideally one at the I-core Introduction to Marketing instructor level and the other an upper level undergraduate course. Students should not teach in their first and second years. They could start in the third year as an I-core instructor, after completing the qualifying exam. They can teach again in the summer of their third year, and also in their fourth year (one course each semester) to complete their requirements in four years. The basic premise is that students should focus on their coursework, research assignments, qualifying exam, and theory paper before their third year, and concentrate on their dissertation, other research projects, and teaching subsequently.