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Indiana University Bloomington



Fortune Small Business magazine listed Kelley’s MBA and undergraduate programs in entrepreneurship No. 1 among all public universities in the nation in 2009.

The Practiced Leader

Daniel C. Sloat BS'09

Management Major, Minor in Aerospace Studies

Daniel C. Sloat

“The Kelley School has a gift for recognizing the potential for each student to make valuable and lasting contributions.”

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Dan Sloat knows that his Air Force Field Training is far from the typical business student’s summer internship.

Even so, the skills he has learned at Kelley—leadership, time management, communication, and organization—have been invaluable for his future career as a United States military officer.

“Business management is the perfect complement to my leadership training,” says Sloat, from Wichita, Kansas. His campus involvement has provided yet another opportunity to refine these leadership skills. He is the student body vice president, undergraduate representative to the Bloomington Faculty Council, a mentee in the Target Excellence in Business Leadership program, as well as a retreat leader for St. Paul’s Youth Ministry. Studying abroad throughout northern Europe this summer, he is gaining international perspective and insight into the future of business strategy.

As an Air Force ROTC scholarship recipient, Sloat could have attended any university in the country. After extensive research to find the top management programs, he found Kelley to be among the best.

“The Kelley School has a gift for recognizing the potential for each student to make valuable and lasting contributions,” he says. The key selling point for Sloat was the lively student body of the Bloomington campus. “The whole atmosphere is very generous and welcoming.”

In his many leadership roles at IU, Sloat feels motivated and supported by Professor David Rubinstein—Ruby, as he’s known among I-Core alumni. “He embodies an unrivaled passion for leadership and strategic development,” Sloat says. “His sincerity and genuine concern for students’ interests is both apparent and appreciated.”

Through Kelley, Sloat has come to realize the absolute necessity of building strong collaborative relationships. While campaigning for IUSA alongside fellow Kelley student Luke Fields, networking was essential. Despite having developed a broad network of fellow student leaders, there was still much ground to cover within IU's fraternities and sororities. With encouragement from Kelley faculty and professors, Sloat and Fields went on to bridge the gap among major campus factions.

The practical experience he will attain as student body vice president may someday be utilized in a political or corporate career. After he completes his service in the Air Force, “anything is possible,” he says. “My Kelley education, specifically the degree in management, will give me confidence and flexibility throughout my life. It offers a solid foundation of competencies and the ability to thrive in any situation.”

Published April 15, 2011