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Indiana University Bloomington



Fortune Small Business magazine listed Kelley’s MBA and undergraduate programs in entrepreneurship No. 1 among all public universities in the nation in 2009.

Recent Publications

  • 2016

  • Bergh, D. D., Herman Aguinis, C. Heavey, D. J. Ketchen, B. K. Boyd, P. Su, C. Lau, and Harry Joo
    “Using meta-analytic structural equation modeling to advance strategic management research: Guidelines and an empirical illustration via the strategic leadership-performance relationship,” forthcoming Strategic Management Journal

  • Bernerth, J. and Herman Aguinis
    “A critical review and best-practice recommendations for control variable usage,” forthcoming Personnel Psychology

  • Bosco, F. A., Herman Aguinis, J. G. Field, C. A. Pierce, and D. R. Dalton
    “HARKing’s threat to organizational research: Evidence from primary and meta-analytic sources,” forthcoming Personnel Psychology

  • Terjesen, Siri
    “The Right Stuff: A NASA Technology-Based New Venture and the Search for Markets on Earth,” forthcoming Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice

  • 2015

  • Aguinis, Herman, E. O'Boyle, E. Gonzalez-Mulé, and Harry Joo
    “Cumulative advantage: Conductors and insulators of heavy-tailed productivity distributions and productivity stars,” forthcoming Personnel Psychology

  • Aguinis, Herman and S. A. Culpepper
    “An expanded decision making procedure for examining cross-level interaction effects with multilevel modeling,” forthcoming Organizational Research Methods

  • Anderson, B. S., P. N. Kreiser, D. F. Kuratko, and J. S. Hornsby
    “Reconceptualizing Entrepreneurial Orientation,” forthcoming Strategic Management Journal

  • Carpenter, N.C. and C.M. Berry
    “Are counterproductive work behavior and withdrawal empirically distinct? A meta-analytic investigation,” forthcoming Journal of Management

  • Covin, J. G., R. P. Garrett, D. F. Kuratko, and D. A. Shepherd
    “Value Proposition Evolution and the Performance of Internal Corporate Ventures,” forthcoming Journal of Business Venturing

  • Crawford, G. C., Herman Aguinis, H. Lichtenstein, B. Davidsson, and B. McKelvey
    “Power law distributions in entrepreneurship: Implications for theory and research,” forthcoming Journal of Business Venturing

  • Kim, A. and C.M. Berry
    “Differential validity and differential prediction: Understanding test bias in the employment context,” forthcoming Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

  • Kim, A. and C.M. Berry
    “Individual differences in social dominance orientation predict support for the use of cognitive ability tests,” forthcoming Journal of Personality

  • Kuratko, D. F., J. S. Hornsby, and J. Hayton
    “Corporate Entrepreneurship: The Innovative Challenge for a New Global Economic Reality,” forthcoming Small Business Economics

  • Terjesen, S., E. Couto, and P. Francisco
    “Independent and female directors and agency costs: A multi-country study,” forthcoming Journal of Management and Governance

  • Terjesen, S. and D. Politis
    “In Praise of Multidisciplinary Scholarship and the Polymath,” forthcoming Academy of Management Learning & Education

  • Urbig, D., S. Terjesen, V. Procher, K. Muehlfed, and A. van Witteloostuijn
    “Come on and take a free ride: Contributing to public goods in native and foreign language settings,” forthcoming Academy of Management Learning & Education

  • Aguinis, Herman and Harry Joo
    “Debunking myths and urban legends about how to identify influential outliers,” More statistical and methodological myths and urban legends

  • Chin, M.K. and M. Semadeni
    “CEO Political Ideologies and Pay Egalitarianism within Top Management Teams”

  • Adams, R., J. de Haan, S. Terjesen, and H. van Ees
    “Board Diversity: Moving the Field Forward,” Corporate Governance: An International Review

  • Berry, C.M. and P. Zhao
    “Addressing criticisms of existing predictive bias research: Cognitive ability test scores still overpredict African Americans’ job performance.,” Journal of Applied Psychology

  • Bosco, F. A., Herman Aguinis, K. Singh, J. G. Field, and C. A. Pierce
    “Correlational effect size benchmarks,” Journal of Applied Psychology

  • Pierce, J. R. and Herman Aguinis
    “Detrimental citizenship behavior: A multilevel framework of antecedents and consequences,” Management and Organization Review

  • 2014

  • Drori, I., D. Landau, and Siri Terjesen
    “Multiple Legitimacy Narratives and Planned Organizational Change,” forthcoming Human Relations

  • Terjesen, S. and P.C. Patel
    “In search of process innovations: The role of search depth, search breadth, and the industry environment,” forthcoming Journal of Management

  • Terjesen, S., R. Aguilera, and R. Lorenz
    “Legislating a Woman’s Seat on the Board: Institutional Factors Driving Gender Quotas for Boards of Directors,” forthcoming Journal of Business Ethics

  • Aguinis, Herman
    “Revisiting some “established facts” in the field of management,” Business Research Quarterly

  • Aguinis, Herman and Ernest O'Boyle
    “Star performers in twenty-first-century organizations,” Personnel Psychology

  • Aguinis, Herman and Kyle J. Bradley
    “Best-practice recommendations for designing and implementing experimental vignette methodology studies,” Organizational Research Methods

  • Aguinis, Herman, Kyle J Bradley, and A Brodersen
    “Industrial-Organizational psychologists in business schools: Brain drain or eye opener?,” Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice

  • Aguinis, Herman and J. R. Edwards
    “Methodological wishes for the next decade and how to make wishes come true,” Journal of Management Studies

  • Aguinis, Herman and R. J. Vandenberg
    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: Improving research quality before data collection,” Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior

  • Aguinis, Herman and Harry Joo
    “Research on Hispanics benefits the field of management,” Journal of Managerial Psychology

  • Aguinis, Herman, D. L. Shapiro, E. Antonacopoulou, and T. G. Cummings
    “Scholarly impact: A pluralist conceptualization,” Academy of Management Learning and Education

  • Beatty, A., C.L. Barratt, C.M. Berry, and P.R. Sackett
    “Testing the generalizability of indirect range restriction corrections,” Journal of Applied Psychology

  • Berry, C. M., C. L. Barratt, C. Dovalina, and P. Zhao
    “Can racial/ethnic subgroup criterion-to-test standard deviation ratios account for the conflicting differential validity and differential prediction evidence for cognitive ability tests?,” Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

  • Berry, C.M., M.J. Cullen, and J. Meyer
    “Racial/ethnic subgroup differences in cognitive ability test range restriction: Implications for differential validity,” Journal of Applied Psychology

  • Briscoe, F., M.K. Chin, and D.C. Hambrick
    “CEO Ideology as an Element of the Corporate Opportunity Structure for Social Activists,” Academy of Management Journal

  • Carpenter, N.C., C.M. Berry, and L. Houston
    “A meta-analytic comparison of self- and other-reported organizational citizenship behavior,” Journal of Organizational Behavior

  • Covin, J. G. and D. Miller
    “International entrepreneurial orientation: Conceptual considerations, research themes, measurement issues, and future research directions,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • Kuratko, D. F., J. G. Covin, and J. S. Hornsby
    “Why Implementing Corporate Innovation is So Difficult,” Business Horizons

  • Kuratko, D. F., J. S. Hornsby, and J. G. Covin
    “Diagnosing a Firm’s Internal Environment for Corporate Entrepreneurship,” Business Horizons

  • Kuratko, Donald F.
    Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, Practice (9th Edition)

  • Oh, I.S., S.D. Charlier, M.K. Mount, and C.M. Berry
    “The two faces of high self-monitors: Chameleonic moderating effects of self-monitoring on the relationships between personality traits and counterproductive work behaviors,” Journal of Organizational Behavior

  • Patel, Pankaj C., Stephanie Fernhaber, Patricia McDougall-Covin, and Robert van der Have
    “Beating Competitors to International Markets: The Value of Geographically Balanced Networks for Innovation,” Strategic Management Journal

  • Zheng, Q. and Y. Luo
    “Moral degradation, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility in a transition economy,” Journal of Business Ethics

  • 2013

  • Terjesen, S., J. Hessels, and D. Li
    “Comparative International Entrepreneurship Research: A Review and Research Agenda,” forthcoming Journal of Management

  • Aguinis, Herman and A. Glavas
    “What corporate environmental sustainability can do for industrial-organizational psychology,” Green organizations: Driving change with IO psychology

  • Krause, Ryan, Owen Parker, and Jeffrey G. Covin
    “Teach your ventures well: A control-based typology of ICV parenting styles”

  • Acs, Z. and S. Terjesen
    “Born Local: Toward a Theory of New Venture’s Choice of Internationalization,” Small Business Economics

  • Aguinis, Herman
    Performance Management (3rd edition)

  • Aguinis, Herman and Sola A. Lawal
    “eLancing: A review and research agenda for bridging the science-practice gap,” Human Resource Management Review

  • Aguinis, Herman, Ryan K. Gottfredson, and Harry Joo
    “Best-practice recommendations for defining, identifying, and handling outliers,” Organizational Research Methods

  • Aguinis, Herman, Ryan K. Gottfredson, and S. C. Culpepper
    “Best-practice recommendations for estimating cross-level interaction effects using multilevel modeling,” Journal of Management

  • Aguinis, Herman, Lura E. Forcum, and Harry Joo
    “Using market basket analysis in management research,” Journal of Management

  • Aguinis, Herman, Harry Joo, and Ryan K. Gottfredson
    “What monetary rewards can and cannot do: How to show employees the money,” Business Horizons

  • Aguinis, Herman and A. Glavas
    “Embedded versus peripheral corporate social responsibility: Psychological foundations,” Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice

  • Aguinis, Herman, Ryan K. Gottfredson, S. C. Culpepper, Dan R. Dalton, and G. P. de Bruin
    “Doing good and doing well: On the multiple contributions of journal editors,” Academy of Management Learning and Education

  • Aguinis, Herman, Ryan K. Gottfredson, and Harry Joo
    “Avoiding a “me” versus “we” dilemma: Using performance management to turn teams into a source of competitive advantage,” Business Horizons

  • Berry, C.M., P.R. Sackett, and A. Sund
    “The role of range restriction and criterion contamination in assessing differential validity by race/ethnicity,” Journal of Business and Psychology

  • Berry, C. M., A. Kim, Y. Wang, R. Thompson, and W. Mobley
    “Five-factor-model personality measures and sex-based differential prediction of performance,” Applied Psychology: An International Review

  • Bhalla, A. and S. Terjesen
    “Cannot Make Do Without You: Outsourcing by Knowledge-Intensive Start-Ups,” Industrial Marketing Management

  • Brutus, S., Herman Aguinis, and U. Wassmer
    “Self-reported limitations and future directions in scholarly reports: Analysis and recommendations,” Journal of Management

  • Chin, M.K. and D.C. Hambrick
    “Political Ideologies of CEOs: The Influence of Executives’ Values on Corporate Social Responsibility,” Administrative Science Quarterly

  • Corbett, A., J. G. Covin, G. C. O'Connor, and C. L. Tucci
    “Corporate entrepreneurship: State-of-the-art research and a future research agenda,” Journal of Product Innovation Management

  • Crook, T. R., J. G. Combs, D. J. Ketchen, and Herman Aguinis
    “Organizing around transaction costs: What have we learned and where do we go from here?,” Academy of Management Perspectives

  • Dalton, Dan R. and Herman Aguinis
    “Measurement malaise in strategic management studies: The case of corporate governance research,” Organizational Research Methods

  • Grimes, M., J.S. McMullen, T. Vogus, and T. Miller
    “Studying the Origins of Social Entrepreneurship: Compassion and the Role of Embedded Agency,” Academy of Management Review

  • Holland, D. and D. A. Shepherd
    “Deciding to persist: Adversity, values, and entrepreneur's decisions policies,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • Hornsby, Jeffrey S., Donald F. Kuratko, Daniel T. Holt, and William J. Wales
    “Assessing a Measurement of Organizational Preparedness for Corporate Entrepreneurship,” Journal of Product Innovation Management

  • Pierce, Jason R. and Herman Aguinis
    “The too-much-of-a-good-thing effect in management,” Journal of Management

  • Kreiser, P. M., L. D. Marino, Donald F. Kuratko, and K. M. Weaver
    “Disaggregating Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Non-Linear Impact of Innovativeness, Proactiveness and Risk-Taking on SME Performance,” Small Business Economics

  • Kuratko, D. F. and M. H. Morris
    Entrepreneurship & Leadership

  • Liu, Y. and C.M. Berry
    “Identity, moral, and equity perspectives on the relationship between experienced injustice and time theft,” Journal of Business Ethics

  • Liu, B. and Herman Aguinis
    “Performance management: Solutions for a catch-22 situation,” Administration Reform [China-based journal published by the Chinese Academy of Governance]

  • Luo, Y., V. Jayaraman, and Q. Zheng
    “Journal of World Business,” Journal of World Business

  • Luo, Y., X. Lu, J. Sun, and V. Maksimov
    “Autonomy delegation to foreign subsidiaries: An enabling mechanism for emerging market multinationals,” Journal of International Business Studies

  • McMullen, J. S. and D. Dimov
    “Time and the Entrepreneurial Journey: The Problems and Promise of Studying Entrepreneurship as a Process,” Journal of Management Studies

  • Morgeson, F. P., Herman Aguinis, D. A. Waldman, and D. S. Siegel
    “Extending corporate social responsibility research to the human resource management and organizational behavior domains: A look to the future,” Personnel Psychology

  • Near, Janet P. and Marcia P. Miceli
    “Whistle Blowing”

  • Podsakoff, N.P., S.W. Whiting, K. Mai, and D. Welsh
    “Surveying for artifacts: The Susceptibility of the OCB--Performance evaluation relationship to common rater, item, and measurement context effects,” Journal of Applied Psychology

  • Shepherd, D. A. and H. Patzelt
    “Operational entrepreneurship: How operations management research can advance entrepreneurship,” Production and Operations Management

  • Tatikonda, M., S. Terjesen, P. Patel, and V. Parida
    “Role of Operational Performance in Enhancing New Venture Survival: A Longitudinal Study,” Production & Operations Management

  • Terjesen, S., P. Patel, J. Fiet, and R. DeSouza
    “Normative Rationality in Venture Capital Financing,” Technovation

  • Terjesen, S. and N. Wang
    “Coase on Entrepreneurship,” Small Business Economics

  • Wisneski, J. E.
    “So, you want to be a business professor?,” Business Horizons

  • 2012

  • Audretsch, David B. and Al Link
    Valuing the Entrepreneurial Enterprise

  • Luo, Y.
    “Foreign direct investment strategies by developing country multinationals: A diagnostic model for home country effects,” Global Strategy Journal

  • Parker, O. and R. Krause
    “The need for speed: How reputation incongruence impacts new product introduction”

  • Wisneski, J. E.
    “Opps, what did I just buy?”

  • Aguinis, Herman, I. Suarez-Gonzalez, G. Lannelongue, and Harry Joo
    “Scholarly impact revisited,” Academy of Management Perspectives

  • Aguinis, Herman and A. Glavas
    “What we know and don’t know about corporate social responsibility: A review and research agenda,” Journal of Management

  • Aguinis, Herman and Sola A. Lawal
    “Conducting field experiments using eLancing’s natural environment,” Journal of Business Venturing

  • Aguinis, Herman, Ryan K. Gottfredson, and Harry Joo
    “Delivering effective performance feedback: The strengths-based approach,” Business Horizons

  • Aguinis, Herman, Ryan K. Gottfredson, and Harry Joo
    “Using performance management to win the talent war,” Business Horizons

  • Aguinis, Herman, Harry Joo, and Ryan K. Gottfredson
    “Performance management universals: Think globally and act locally,” Business Horizons

  • Aguinis, Herman and M. L. Lengnick-Hall
    “Assessing the value of human resource certification: A call for evidence-based human resource management,” Human Resource Management Review

  • Berry, C.M., N.C. Carpenter, and C.L. Barratt
    “Do other-reports of counterproductive work behavior provide an incremental contribution over self-reports? A meta-analytic comparison.,” Journal of Applied Psychology

  • Berry, C. M., A. M. Lelchook, and M. A. Clark
    “A meta-analysis of the interrelationships between employee lateness, absenteeism, and turnover: Implications for models of withdrawal behavior,” Journal of Organizational Behavior

  • Bradley, S., J. S. McMullen, K. Artz, and E. Simiyu
    “Capital is not Enough: Innovation in Developing Economies,” Journal of Management Studies

  • Breugst, N., H. Patzelt, Dean A. Shepherd, and Herman Aguinis
    “Relationship conflict improves team performance assessment accuracy: Evidence from a multilevel study,” Academy of Management Learning and Education

  • Dalton, D. R., Herman Aguinis, C. M. Dalton, F. A. Bosco, and C. A. Pierce
    “Revisiting the file drawer problem in meta-analysis: An empirical assessment of published and non-published correlation matrices,” Personnel Psychology

  • Fisher, G.
    “Effectuation, Causation and Entrepreneurial Bricolage: A Behavioral Comparison of Emerging Theories in Entrepreneurship Research,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • González-Benito, J., Herman Aguinis, B. K. Boyd, and I. Suarez-González
    “Coming to consensus on strategic consensus: A mediated moderation model of consensus and performance,” Journal of Management

  • Haynie, J. M., D. A. Shepherd, and H. Patzelt
    “Cognitive adaptability and an entrepreneurial task: The role of metacognitive ability and feedback,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • Kruschke, J. K., Herman Aguinis, and Harry Joo
    “The time has come: Bayesian methods for data analysis in the organizational sciences,” Organizational Research Methods

  • Kuratko, Donald F., Michael G. Goldsby, and Jeffrey S. Hornsby
    Innovation Acceleration

  • Lengnick-Hall, M. L. and Herman Aguinis
    “What is the value of human resource certification? A multi-level framework for research,” Human Resource Management Review

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  • McMullen, Jeffery S., Dean A. Shepherd, and J. Michael Haynie
    “Confirmatory Search as a Useful Heuristic: Testing the Veracity of Entrepreneurial Conjectures,” Journal of Business Venturing

  • Miceli, M. P. and J. P. Near
    “"Invited reflections" regarding Near, J.P., & Miceli, M.P. ,” Citation Classics of the Journal of Business Ethics

  • Miceli, M. P., J. P. Near, M. T. Rehg, and J. R. Van Scotter
    “Preducting remployee reactions to perceived organizational wrongdoing: Demoralization, justice, proactive personality, and whistle-blowing.,” Human Relations

  • Miller, T., M. Grimes, J.S. McMullen, and T. Vogus
    “Venturing for Others with Heart and Head: How Compassion Encourages Social Entrepreneurship,” Academy of Management Review

  • Morris, M. H., D. F. Kuratko, and Minet Schindehutte
    “Framing the Entrepreneurial Experience,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • O'Boyle, E. and Herman Aguinis
    “The best and the rest: Revisiting the norm of normality of individual performance,” Personnel Psychology

  • Patel, P., S. Terjesen, and D. Li
    “Enhancing Effects of Manufacturing Flexibility through Operational Absorptive Capacity and Operational Ambidexterity,” Journal of Operations Management

  • Rasmusen, Eric Bennett
    Internalities and Paternalism: Applying the Compensation Criterion to Multiple Selves across Time,” Social Choice and Welfare

  • Terjesen, Siri, P. Patel, and N. Sanders
    “Managing differentiation-integration duality in supply chain integration,” Decision Sciences

  • Whiting, S. W., T. D. Maynes, N. P. Podsakoff, and P. M. Podsakoff
    “Effects of voice context, source, and message characteristics on perceptions of employee voice behavior,” Journal of Applied Psychology

  • 2011

  • Podsakoff, P. M., S. B. MacKensie, and N. P. Podsakoff
    “Sources of method bias in social science research and recommendations on how to control it,” forthcoming

  • Miceli, P. M. and J. P. Near
    “Practical implications of the research into whistle-blowing ”

  • Near, J. P. and M. P. Miceli
    “Integrating models of whistle-blowing and wrongdoing: A proposal for a new research agenda.,” Rebels in Groups: Dissent, Deviance, Difference and Defiance

  • Aguinis, Herman
    “Organizational responsibility: Doing good and doing well,” APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  • Aguinis, Herman, C. A. Pierce, F. A. Bosco, D. R. Dalton, and C. M. Dalton
    “Debunking myths and urban legends about meta-analysis,” Organizational Research Methods

  • Aguinis, Herman, D. R. Dalton, F. A. Bosco, C. A. Pierce, and C. M. Dalton
    “Meta-analytic choices and judgment calls: Implications for theory building and testing, obtained effect sizes, and scholarly impact,” Journal of Management

  • Aguinis, Herman, Ryan K. Gottfredson, and T. A. Wright
    “Best-practice recommendations for estimating interaction effects using meta-analysis,” Journal of Organizational Behavior

  • Aguinis, Herman, B. K. Boyd, C. A. Pierce, and J. C. Short
    “Walking new avenues in management research methods and theories: Bridging micro and macro domains,” Journal of Management

  • Aguinis, Herman and Sofia J. Vaschetto
    “A new model for business-university collaboration to enhance human capital in emerging markets,” Business Journal of Hispanic Research

  • Aguinis, Herman, Harry Joo, and Ryan K. Gottfredson
    “Why we hate performance management—and why we should love it,” Business Horizons

  • Aguinis, Herman and Sofia J. Vaschetto
    “Editorial responsibility: Managing the publishing process to do good and do well,” Management and Organization Review

  • Aldridge, Taylor T. and David B. Audretsch
    “The Bayh-Dole Act and Scientist Entrepreneurship,” Research Policy

  • Dalton, Dan R. and Catherine M. Dalton
    “The Integration of Micro- and Macro- Studies in Corporate Governance Research: CEO Duallity, Board Composition, and Financial Performance,” Organizational Research Methods

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  • Bradley, S, D A Shepherd, and J Wiklund
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    Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management (7th Edition)

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    Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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  • Shepherd, D. A.
    “Multi-level entrepreneurship research: Opportunities for studying entrepreneurial decision making,” Journal of Management

  • Shepherd, D A and H Patzelt
    “The New Field of Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Studying Entrepreneurial Action Linking "What is to be Sustained" with "What is to be Developed",” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • Shepherd, D. A., H. Patzelt, and M. Wolfe
    “Moving forward from project failure: Negative emotions, affective commitment, and learning from the experience,” Academy of Management Journal

  • Shepherd, D. A. and K. S. Sutcliffe
    “Inductive top-down theorizing: A source of new theories of organization,” Academy of Management Review

  • Slevin, D. and Siri Terjesen
    “Entrepreneurial Orientation: Reviewing Three Papers and Implications for Further Methodological and Theoretical Development,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • Terjesen, S. A., P. Patel, and J. G. Covin
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  • Terjesen, Siri, P. Patel, and J. Covin
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  • Wiklund, J. and D. A. Shepherd
    “Where to from here? EO-as-Experimentation, failure, and distribution of outcomes,” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • 2010

  • Dalton, Dan R. and Catherine M. Dalton
    “Boards of Directors: A Collision of Theories and Collapsing Applications,” forthcoming Organizational Research Methods

  • Major, David L., Livengood, Waguespack, and Gupta
    “Vicarious experience and venture capital globalization”

  • McMullen, J. S.
    “Perspective Taking and the Heterogeneity of the Entrepreneurial Imagination”

  • McMullen, J. and J. E. Wisneski
    “The Greenhouse Project: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again?”

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