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Indiana University Bloomington



Fortune Small Business magazine listed Kelley’s MBA and undergraduate programs in entrepreneurship No. 1 among all public universities in the nation in 2009.

Stephanie Wang

Contact Information

(812) 856-7946
lucu [at] indiana [dot] edu (E-mail)
Business School

  • Assistant Professor of International Business and Strategy


  • Bloomington


  • Ph.D. in Strategy and International Business, University of Miami, 2014
  • M.S. in Strategic Management, Peking University, 2009
  • B.A. in Human Resource Management, Renmin University of China, 2006

Awards, Honors & Certifications

  • Recipient, Global Leadership: IM Division Best Paper in OB/HRM/OT Session, Academy of Management 2014 Annual Meeting
  • Finalist, Emerging Market Firms: IM Division GWU-CIBER Best Paper Award Session, Academy of Management 2014 Annual Meeting
  • Nominee, Inaugural Graduate Student Exemplar, University of Miami, 2014
  • Recipient, Excellent Service Award, International Management Division, Academy of Management 2011 Annual Meeting
  • Recipient, Excellent Service Award, Academy of International Business 2006 Annual Meeting
  • Recipient, Merit Student of Beijing City, 2006
  • Recipient, Excellent Graduate of Beijing City, 2006

Professional Interests

Capability Upgrading, Multinational Management, Emerging Market Businesses

Selected Publications

  • Moral degradation, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility in a transition economy. 2014. With Zheng, Q., & Luo, Y. Journal of Business Ethics, 120 (3), 405-421.

  • Autonomy delegation to foreign subsidiaries: An enabling mechanism for emerging market multinationals. 2013. With Luo, Y., Lu, X., Sun, J., & Maksimov, V. Journal of International Business Studies, 45(2):111-130.

  • Governing business process offshoring: Properties, processes, and preferred modes. 2013. With Luo, Y., Jayaraman, V, & Zheng, Q. Journal of World Business, 48(3):407-419.

  • Task attributes and process integration in business process offshoring: A perspective of service providers from India and China. 2012. With Luo, Y., Zheng, Q., & Jayaraman, V. Journal of International Business Studies, 43(5):498-524.

  • Foreign direct investment strategies by developing country multinationals: A diagnostic model for home country effects. 2012. With Luo, Y. Global Strategy Journal, 2(3):244-261.

  • Emerging economy copycats: Capability, environment and strategy. 2011. With Luo, Y., & Sun, J. Academy of Management Perspective, 25(2):37-56.