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Indiana University Bloomington


  1. J602
    Theoretical Foundations of Strategy II
    • 15-weeks
    • 3 credits
    • Prerequisite: PhD candidacy or instructor's permission

    This course is designed as a survey of recent topics in the field of strategic management.  Its objective is to familiarize the students with some of the primary theoretical underpinnings of the field as well as some of the common and/or promising methodological approaches to the study of strategy phenomena.  Topics covered in the course include: the resource-based view of strategy, perspectives on firm growth, the knowledge and attentions based views of the firm, the role of the environment in strategic decisions, new venture and entry strategies, dynamic capabilities, slack, network and strategy at the population level of analysis. Class sessions will be devoted to reviewing and critiquing the readings associated with each of the aforementioned topics and generating research opportunities.