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Indiana University Bloomington

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Faculty Profile

Jeffrey G. Covin

Contact Information

(812) 855-2715
covin [at] indiana [dot] edu (E-mail)
Business School

  • Professor of Strategic Management
  • Samuel & Pauline Glaubinger Professor of Entrepreneurship


  • Bloomington


  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1985

Professional Interests

Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship

Personal Interests

bicycling and music

Selected Publications

  • Covin, J.G., and Miller, D. (2014), "International entrepreneurial orientation: Conceptual considerations, research themes, measurement issues, and future research directions," Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 38(1): 11-44.
  • Corbett, A., Covin, J.G., O’Connor, G.C., Tucci, C.L. (2013), "Corporate entrepreneurship: State-of-the-art research and a future research agenda," Journal of Product Innovation Management, 30(5): 812-820.
  • Simon, M., Stachel, C., and Covin, J.G. 2011. The effects of entrepreneurial orientation and commitment to objectives on performance. New England Journal of Entrepreneurship, 14(2): 9-17.
  • Covin, J.G., and Wales, W.J. 2012. The measurement of entrepreneurial orientation. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 36(4): 677-702.
  • Blume, B.D., and Covin, J.G. 2011. Attributions to intuition in the venture founding process: Do entrepreneurs actually use intuition or just say that they do? Journal of Business Venturing, 26(1): 137-151.
  • Titus, V.K., Jr., Covin, J.G., and Slevin, D.P. 2011. Aligning strategic processes in pursuit of firm growth. Journal of Business Research, 64(5): 446-453.
  • Goodale, J.C., Kuratko, D.F., Hornsby, J.S., and Covin, J.G. 2011. Operations management and corporate entrepreneurship: The moderating effect of operations control on the antecedents of corporate entrepreneurial activity in relation to innovation performance. Journal of Operations Management, 29(1-2): 116-127.
  • Hoskisson, R.E, Covin, J.G., Volberda, H.W., and Johnson, R.A. 2011. Revitalizing entrepreneurship: The search for new research opportunities. Journal of Management Studies, 48(6): 1141-1168.
  • Covin, J.G., and G.T. Lumpkin. 2011. Entrepreneurial orientation theory and research: Reflections on a needed construct. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 35(5): 855-872.
  • Terjesen, S.A., Patel, P., and Covin, J.G. (2011), "Alliance diversity, environmental context and the value of manufacturing capabilities among new high technology ventures," Journal of Operations Management, 29:(1-2), 105-115.