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Indiana University Bloomington

First-year Academies
Our career focused first-year Academies prepare you for a successful internship and long-term success. Boost your first-year Academy experience with the PLUS Life Sciences Program offering health care, pharmaceutical, and life science preparation.

Strategic Finance

Through the Strategic Finance Academy, you'll learn skills that you can apply to almost any industry. Working on real-world business problems, you’ll travel to places such as the Silicon Valley, Minneapolis, or New York for an in-depth look at the role financial professionals play in Fortune 500 firms.

You’ll work on real business cases led by companies such as Broadcom, Procter & Gamble, and Air Products. Along the way, you’ll explore sales and marketing finance, investment analysis, planning and forecasting, and treasury operations while connecting with a network of strategic finance alumni.

Academy Director

Associate chair of the Full-Time MBA Program, Scott Smart is also the Whirlpool Finance Faculty Fellow. A former mergers and acquisitions consultant, Smart has been recognized by Businessweek as an outstanding MBA professor and is considered an expert on initial public offerings.

Career Coach

Paul Binder is a former recruiter with 34 years of experience with the Bank of America where he served as a treasury services executive.