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Indiana University Bloomington

Kelley Executive Partners

Driving Dynamic Growth Program

A successful growth-based business model involves innovation as a repeatable process.  In these programs, participants are challenged to look at their specific business areas with an eye toward identifying areas for predictable, sustainable, profitable growth that best leverages the organization's core competencies.  In all probability, this will involve exploring both areas of opportunity and places where apparent business/economic disruptions can work to the organization’s advantage.  Of primary importance, of course, is identifying those growth areas that reduce overexposure to risk.


Though always customized to an individual client's needs, KEP's growth programs often include the following topics:

  • Understanding and applying strategy driven innovation (SDI) as a framework to consider innovation opportunities
  • Utilizing an objective process to identify, evaluate and pursue innovation in processes, with customers, and in product and market opportunities
  • Prioritizing projects based on predictable outcomes
  • How to proceed with a defined methodology to move projects from idea to action
  • Preparing and presenting a compelling business case
  • Strategic Marketing including External Analysis, customer segmentation, market trend analysis, and competitor analysis
  • Internal Analysis including capabilities assessment,  risk assessment, portfolio assessment
  • Mapping strategic direction, idea investigation, and assessment


Clients who participate in KEP's growth programs benefit from invigorated thinking supported by sound implementation strategy. The growth program is always customized to address each client's individual organizational growth goals and landscape.


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