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Indiana University Bloomington

Kelley Executive Partners

Executive Corporate Innovation Program

Whether your goal is to grow organically or through acquisition, today's economy requires every successful business to be innovative, not only with its products and services, but with its problem solving approaches as well. However, innovative thinking can be an elusive skill set. KEP's innovation approach produces consistent, sustainable innovative thinking that can take your business forward.

The purpose of this program is to foster an innovative culture that deploys repeatable processes to make competition irrelevant by consistently delivering exceptional value to the most important customer in the value chain.

Though these programs are always customized to a client's unique business challenges and opportunities, the learning goals and content often include the following:

  • Organizational Creativity
  • Unleashing and Sustaining Innovation Culture
  • Innovation Management Processes
  • Financial Tools to Manage Innovation Development
  • Understand unmet customer needs
  • Project valuation and prioritization
  • Innovation Implementation
  • Increasing the development pipeline effectiveness


Clients who engage in KEP's innovation programs see consistent changes in innovative behaviors among participants. Whether the challenge relates to innovative solutions to business challenges or the development of new products or services, KEP's innovation programs ensure your business will see the benefits of innovative and creative business practices.


Contact us today to learn more about how KEP can help your business benefit from innovation.