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Ashland, Inc.

The Program

Kelley’s faculty designed an annual, multi-week program called the Ashland Executive Program.  The purpose of the program was to create better equipped strategic business leaders within Ashland.  To meet this goal, a team of 6 faculty from across the Kelley School of Business created custom modules ranging from leadership to global strategy to marketing to finance to strategic thinking.  Exercises for participants to implement strategic change in their part of the company were included which in turn reviewed by senior management.  Several custom case studies on Ashland operations were designed for use in the program.   Faculty input was supplemented with briefings by key members of the Ashland senior management, including the CEO.  Outside consultants were used for specific leadership assessment modules.

The Outcomes

The Ashland Executive Program was considered successful enough to be continued for 15 years.  By the end of the program, most of the leadership of the business units and higher-level positions in the company were filled by graduates of Kelley’s program.