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Fortune 500 Large Scale L&D Moving Online

The Client

Fortune 500 home and health products company, cross functional Learning and Development division

The Challenge

Having been given an initiative to investigate the possibility of moving a large scale face-to-face learning program into online spaces, KEP was asked to consult on the strategy necessary to assess the steps needed to make the move.

The Program

KEP created a three week online program to expose a client taskforce to a wide range of learning tools. Participants gained hands-on experience with each tool while reflecting on their own learning styles and the needs of the employees that they serve. KEP also converted a key element of the client organization’s core courses into an online experience using both synchronous and asynchronous methods to demonstrate how one such course might function.

The Outcomes

As a result of the program, KEP was able to suggest a strategy for the client company to move forward with their online initiative. Included in the strategy were key steps in assessing the organization’s readiness for online learning including technological competencies, employee opinions of online learning, as well as mundane issues such as software and corporate firewall concerns.  Participants shared that the experience helped them understand the limitations and possibilities of the software platforms that they were already using internally.  The client company is currently planning their next steps to make use of the strategy.