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Indiana University Bloomington

Kelley Executive Partners

KEP Social Technology and Business

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Certificate Programs

Social Technology and Business Certification

YouTube,Twitter, and Facebook are only the tip of a social technology iceberg.

Beneath the excitement of today's popular tools looms an ocean of other socially driven technologies. From social-data driven pricing models to internally crowd-sourced product innovation, the world of social technologies is a largely untapped resource for business.

However, even for the most well-known tools, regardless of whether a company is B2C or B2B, small or large, the cost of a mistake or ignoring public sentiment can be huge. Today, fewer than 20% of companies have a holistic social technology strategy in place. 

While many have a marketing strategy, PR strategy, or customer service strategy, the cost of not aligning these efforts with overall business goals or with other functions such as legal, human resources, IT, or product development can be high.

KSTAB is designed to provide an opportunity for a cross-functional team to learn together, appreciate the intricacies and needs for each function, and develop a team of well-informed internal leaders.


The Kelley Executive Partners Social Technology & Business Certification program includes five certification tracks:

  • Certified Social Technology Strategist
  • Certified Social Technology and Human Resources Specialist
  • Certified Social Technology Analyst
  • Certified Social Technology Marketing and Advertising Specialist
  • Certified Social Technology Intra/Entrepreneur

To learn more about the program download the brochure here