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Indiana University Bloomington

Kelley Executive Partners

Kelley Partnership for Leadership Development

KPLD participant receives her certificate.

KPLD participant receives her certificate.

Learning to lead from any level of an organization is the core educational theme of our Kelley Partnership for Leadership Development Consortium. It is designed to meet the emerging developmental needs of high potential employees who have recently assumed or are about to assume wider business responsibilities. KPLD is a unique program that employs a leadership competency assessment prior to the development and delivery of the program, which:

  • Informs individual managers of the areas of leadership in which they excel and those where an action plan can be created for improving their leadership skills, and
  • Informs the faculty and the partnership steering committee of the curriculum content focus.

The program is structured around four key leadership themes:

  • General Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Self-Awareness

Leading from the Middle is an educational program that will develop the participants and their organizations, through:

  • A learning environment conducive to experimentation with new business leadership concepts, skills & tools
  • A program that provides a balanced exposure to the full range of topics and skill-building exercises needed to prepare high potential managers for strategic leadership

A range of structured and unstructured opportunities for participants to exchange ideas and learn “best practices

Session Topics Include:

  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Conducting Strategic Analysis
  • Customer Focus
  • Leading & Managing Generations in the Workforce
  • Executing Strategic Change
  • Negotiating: Managing Conflict & Reaching Consensus
  • Managing Performance Through Employee Engagement

Program Goals include:

  • Completion of an objective assessment to evaluate a manager’s leadership potential
  • Strengthening the manager’s awareness of the competencies required to effectively lead others in meeting business objectives
  • Developing a focused action plan for improving and enhancing manager’s leadership skills
  • To encourage creative thinking and identify barriers to innovation
  • To understand how and when to effectively empower others
  • To enhance ability to implement and manage organizational control systems
  • To sharpen communication skills for higher effectiveness in the work place
  • To develop and manage work teams for maximum effectiveness

Contact us today to learn more about how the KPLD program can help you develop your up-and-coming leaders.