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Indiana University Bloomington

Kelley Executive Partners

Negotiation and Conflict Management Certificate

The best leaders know how important it is to negotiate and resolve conflicts. Whether those conflicts are internal or external, a thoughtful leader understands how to dissect a situation, see it from all sides, and guide the parties to a mutual decision. Better yet, highly effective leaders understand negotiation well enough to predict and prevent potential conflicts.

The KEP Negotiation and Conflict Management Certificate focuses on the following three topics and the associated skills.

  • How you can become a wiser decision maker, and a bolder leader of people
  1. Understand the value of mastering the process-based approach to decision making
  2. Perceive the importance of becoming more conscious, self aware, mindful.
  3. Understand the complex, diverse, and dynamic nature of NDM
  4. Comprehend the alternatives to NDM and appreciate the superiority of a “negotiate first” mindset
  • Becoming a more mindful, self aware negotiator and manager of conflict
  1. Self-assessment: Recognize your personal negotiation/ conflict management style
  2. Recognize the templates for diagnosing the negotiation/conflict management style of others
  • Knowing when you will negotiate; and understanding the four negotiation sub-processes
  1. Recognize the four preconditions that indicate NDM is appropriate
  2. Appreciate the essential importance of interdependency
  3. Recognize the four NDM sub-processes

Participants will take away from the Course a new way of viewing their work and their role as negotiators, problem solvers and task leaders. They will gain a clearer understanding of why they succeed and why they fail, and be provided a template for constructing their own personal set of strategies for more competently and more confidently engaging their key professional tasks.

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