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Indiana University Bloomington

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The Kelley Energy Club is a student-run, cross-disciplinary, industry-focused club through the MBA Association at the Kelley School of Business. The KEC serves the diverse needs of full-time Kelley MBA students who have a novice interest in how energy works to those pursuing careers in the energy industry.

Energy affects every aspect of life as it does business. In the United States, energy consumption accounts for 9% of the US GDP ($1.31 trillion of $14.58 trillion). The world population is projected to grow 34% from 2011 to 2050 reaching a total of 9.3 billion people on Earth. This growth will put a massive strain on the conventional finite energy resources popularly exploited worldwide. Energy investments in traditional and clean-tech energy industries, both start-up and mature, will be necessary to achieve the added energy demands of developing economies.

Welcome to the Kelley Energy Club. Where you can step up and make a difference.