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Indiana University Bloomington

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Who We Are
One of the most active clubs in the MBA Association, Kelley Women strives to provide ample networking opportunities and events that help further develop students both personally and professionally.

Women at Kelley: A Profile of Female MBA Students

Number of Females: 136 
% of Females in the MBA Program: 30% 
Average Age: 28 

108 = #Women Kelley grads currently holding Chief Officer Positions
64 = # of Women Kelley grads who are business owners
122 = # of Women Kelley grads who are President of a company
50 = # of Women Kelley grads who are Senior VPs living and working in the U.S. and abroad

Kelley Women Scholarship

The Kelley Women Scholarship is awarded to one outstanding female in the incoming class. The recipient is chosen based on her academic record, community involvement, and embodiment of the Kelley spirit. It is intended that the honoree perpetuates Kelley Women's strong presence in the Kelley School of Business and the greater Bloomington community by encouraging her peers to make every day count.