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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty Development Workshop

To be held May 2010 and led by IU’s Entrepreneurship Faculty Team and renowned scholars from the 21st Century Entrepreneurship Fellows.

A 2.5-day intensive research immersion exploring the foundations and directions of entrepreneurship theory and research and targeting scholars at any level wishing to learn about entrepreneurship as a field of scholarly inquiry.

Space is limited to 20 people. The registration fee is $1200 and includes all materials and meals.


A limited number of $500 scholarships will be made available to qualified faculty.

Intensive Workshop Overview

The intensive workshop will be of value to those seeking an introduction to the developing knowledge base of entrepreneurship as well as those who wish to update or otherwise expand their knowledge of the field. The content of the workshop is divided into five, half-day sessions:
  • Historical Overview of the Field of Entrepreneurship
  • The Entrepreneur: Individual-level Issues in the Entrepreneurship Theory and Research
  • Entrepreneurial Processes: Opportunity Recognition, Evaluation, and Exploitation
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship/Innovation/Venturing
  • Entrepreneurship and Regional Economic/Public Policy Issues
  • International Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship
The intensive workshop is designed as an active learning experience in which attendees will be provided (and are expected to have read) several overview-type papers on the various session themes prior to the individual sessions.

Indiana University’s World Class Entrepreneurship Program

The Entrepreneurship Program at Indiana University has developed one of the world’s largest entrepreneurship faculties with some the most recognized entrepreneurship thought leaders.

Combining a great curriculum with the Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation that has offices in the Kelley School of Business, the Indiana University Medical School, the Indiana University School of Law, the Indiana College of Arts & Sciences, as well as affiliations with the IU Jacobs School of Music, and the School of Informatics, our programs provide students with a wide range of classroom and experiential opportunities to discover and develop the “entrepreneurial perspective” throughout the entire campus.

The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is the focal point for all entrepreneurship activities emanating from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University-Bloomington. The Entrepreneurship Curriculum includes an undergraduate major in entrepreneurship, an MBA in Entrepreneurship, a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship, and an Entrepreneurship Academy for MBA students.

The academic programs have earned national rankings including: #1 undergraduate (public institution) and #1 graduate ranking (public institution) for entrepreneurship in U.S. News & World Report; top national undergraduate and graduate program rankings in Fortune Small Business magazine; as well as the National Model Entrepreneurship Program at the Ph.D. level and the National Model Entrepreneurship Program at the MBA level.

Indiana University Entrepreneurship Faculty

Dr. Jeffrey G. Covin
The Samuel & Pauline Glaubinger
Professor of Entrepreneurship;
Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
RESEARCH: Strategic Entrepreneurship & Corporate Venturing

Dr. Patricia P. McDougall
The William L. Haeberle Professor of Entrepreneurship;
Professor of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
RESEARCH: International Entrepreneurship

Dr. Donald F. Kuratko
The Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship;
Professor of Entrepreneurship &Executive Director,
The Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
RESEARCH: Corporate Entrepreneurship

Dr. Dean A. Shepherd
The Randall L. Tobias Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership;
Professor of Entrepreneurship
RESEARCH: Venture Strategy & Entrepreneurial Processes

Dr. Jeffery S. McMullen
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship
RESEARCH: Social Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Processes

Dr. David B. Audretsch
Distinguished Professor,
Ameritech Chair of Economic Development;
Director of Entrepreneurship, Growth and Public Policy
Group at the Max Planck Institute (Germany)
RESEARCH: Entrepreneurship & Economic Development

Dr. Gregory F. Udell
The Bank One Chair of Banking and Finance;
Professor of Finance
RESEARCH: Venture Capital & Entrepreneurial Finance

Dr. Dan Li
Assistant Professor of International Business
RESEARCH: International Entrepreneurship

Dr. Siri Terjesen
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategic Management
RESEARCH: International Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship

21st Century Entrepreneurship Research Fellows

Dr. Candida G. Brush
Paul T. Babson Chair in Entrepreneurship;
Professor of Entrepreneurship;
Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division
Babson College

Dr. Michael A. Hitt
C.W. & Dorothy Conn Chair in New Ventures;
Joseph Foster Chair in Business Leadership
Texas A&M University

Dr. R. Duane Ireland
Foreman R. and Ruby S. Bennett Chair in Business Administration
Mays Business School
Texas A&M University

Dr. G. Thomas Lumpkin
Kent Hance Regents Endowed Chair;
Professor of Entrepreneurship
Texas Tech University

Dr. Michael H. Morris
Professor and N. Malone Mitchell Chair
Department of Entrepreneurship
Oklahoma State University

Suggested Accommodations

Indiana Memorial Union Hotel
(located on campus)
900 East 7th Street
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-2536

Hampton Inn
2100 No. Walnut
(812) 334-2100
Bloomington, IN 47404

Hilton Garden Inn
245 N. College Ave
Bloomington, IN 47404
(812) 331-1335